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  1. I went with 16x8 et20 mst time attacks with 35mm bolt on spacers. With 225/50 tires. Front fit well, rear needs another 5mil but I wasn't comfortable with 40 mil spacer. What are you guys doing with the front center caps, the dust covers won't let me run mine. So my image does not want to stick but its in my resto thread.
  2. Small update. Haven't done much. Switched up the wheels to some mst 16x8 et20 with a 35mm bolt on spacer for the rear . Need to fix my idle surge issue. I get the code 6 I believe it's been awhile since I last checked.
  3. Maybe did 200 miles this year. One cars and coffee and maybe one fill up. Now that its painted i hope to take it out to more meets. But like the OP i have a company truck and my commute is only a like 8 miles from my house. On top of that having 4 other cars doesn't help.
  4. Ive had the same bad results from the 3m stuff. Granted im not a pro, just do my own car. For me ive had results im happy with using the simple Groits complete compound and polish that come in the yellow bottles.
  5. these were taken by a photographer at the last C&C hosted in my area.
  6. We did the door jams but not the engine bay. Wont get to that till i deiced if i will do the 4g swap. But the g54b runs well. Yes we painted it in my garage. We had two extractor fans at the bottom of the garage door cracked open just enough to fit the fans. I can not take credit. My brother shot the paint. I just did the sanding and some filler work but i missed a few dings here and there.
  7. Welcome. Mines an 86 as well. Also i'm down in the tri cities area.
  8. Got some painting done over the weekend, today going to wet sand whole car and shoot some clear hopefully.
  9. I use flickr for my images but i cant post them using the url on the desktop. Only way the show up is if i copy/paste the image link from my phone. Then they show up on the desktop site unless im the only one that can see the pictures on my end.
  10. I have a c5 vette 😁 in sliver, not the color i wanted , was looking for white.
  11. My paint is really bad. There's some pics in my resto thread. My fenders, hood have the paint extremely dry rotting i guess, its cracked all over. The roof and rear quarters buffed and polished out to a nice red shine . That's main reason for paint and the fact i picked it up like that 8 years ago i think its time to paint it. But your right im not pulling the motor this time around, but later on i will and just go black in the bay. Did that to one of my talons back in the day, plus it not a show car.
  12. Yes thats my color code, but even if i go with that the red, in my engine bay has seem to fade to a more of a orangeish red color.
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