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  1. 292m 5762 cc Iskenderian v ows? - 104 2.332 .005 2.405 .005 Scribed just like that. There is a v touching the top of the 0 in 104. And ows could say o cu (cursive cu) and the s could be a 5. Lol
  2. Cam is **Sold** No card but I can write down everything that's scribed in it. I'll follow up with you
  3. MGegner


    This thing went for a steal for 15,750. Auto or not.
  4. $200. Rears both have a bend in the lip, 1 small the other is larger. Fixable and both tires still sealed to the bead for what it's worth. The fronts are in good shape minus the typical clearcoat issue. Pickup somewhere close to Cincinnati. Text 513-615-2317 for pictures. Thanks
  5. I will let you know tonight
  6. Isky 292 race cam. Currently in a nice jet valve head! Unsure if all the other component's are OEM or not. Super clean inside. (Still bolted to block) $300 for cam only. $350 for complete head. Head pickup In Mason, OH. Will ship cam anywhere. 513-615-2317. Text for pictures. Thanks!
  7. Located in SW Ohio. I will ship MOST parts! Anyone looking to 5 speed swap? Can meet within couple hours. *2 good 5 speed transmissions-1 1989, 1 1987! *240mm flywheel & 225mm flywheel! *I have a complete running engine from an 89 that was just pulled to do a swap. Low compression in all 4 (~105psi). Haven't done a leakdown test (I might). Will strip this engine if nobody wants to buy it in the next week or 2. *1989 parts- 2 MAFS, 2 ECU's, 2 knock boxes, AC compressors, alternators, power steering pump, valve covers, oil pans, etc, etc. Besides transmissions and engine parts I have all kinds of random interior and exterior parts. Text me your needs- 513-615-2317
  8. I have a torque tube to sell if you're interested. 513-615-2317
  9. I just sold the diff the other day. I have a torque tube that I planned to keep as a backup but I guess I should sell some stuff to gather $ for an engine
  10. Pretty sure I posted this in parts for sale section. If a mod didn't move it here I can delete and post there?
  11. In case you're not on the FB groups- I have an 87 roller I'm parting out in Cincinnati OH. Body parts are sanded red, will need paint. Nice hood, Fenders are OK, doors are good. Hatch glass, gas tank (currently unsure of internal condition). Passenger headlight, front and rear bumpers in great shape! Decent steering wheel 513-615-2317 shoot me a text and lmk what you're interested in and we can work something out. If it's not listed you can still ask. Thanks
  12. Love the color. Did you do the jams and all? You painted it right there in your garage?
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