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  1. Something unusual (to my knowledge) about these cars-there's a drain plug on the gas tank. The tank is fairly easy to drop as well. Hopefully the tank is salvageable! Welcome! There's alot of good info here. Service manuals are free to download on starquestgarage.net.
  2. I'm in Cincinnati and have a Starion km132 transmission
  3. Looking to locate a passenger side Starion taillight and a single 9". Let me know what ya got. Thanks
  4. Located in Mason, Ohio $1500obo as is. If you want an auto V8 swap shell, I can keep ecu, harness, knock box and radio and let it go cheap. I have this solid 1 owner 88 Automatic Durban car NO DENTS OR DINGS. NEVER WRECKED! Paint is roasted, sat in a driveway for 15+ years with no shade. All factory metal. Real small spot of rust on drivers frame rail and a quarter size spot on the center of passenger door. I have a solid red door you can have if you'd like. Car has ecu/wiring harness/knock box. I have a head and rotating assembly if you want it, too. Slap a g54 in or a built auto LS/Hemi. I have to keep the front bumper and air dam for my other shell. It will have a fiji bumper but not in great shape.. unless you want to give me air dam and bumper + cash to leave it complete. Front half of interior is in fair shape. Back of back seat is toast, the rest would be OK with a good cleaning. No engine or auto trans- I have 5 speed trans, shifter, clutch master, full pedal assembly, etc to go with it. Lots to unpack, I like to lay it all out. There are some good oem pieces, I feel like someone with the right resources could repaint it factory color and slap a g54 in it and be worth some good money. Text is best- 513-615-2317 Won't let me add pictures.....
  5. 292m 5762 cc Iskenderian v ows? - 104 2.332 .005 2.405 .005 Scribed just like that. There is a v touching the top of the 0 in 104. And ows could say o cu (cursive cu) and the s could be a 5. Lol
  6. Cam is **Sold** No card but I can write down everything that's scribed in it. I'll follow up with you
  7. MGegner


    This thing went for a steal for 15,750. Auto or not.
  8. $200. Rears both have a bend in the lip, 1 small the other is larger. Fixable and both tires still sealed to the bead for what it's worth. The fronts are in good shape minus the typical clearcoat issue. Pickup somewhere close to Cincinnati. Text 513-615-2317 for pictures. Thanks
  9. I will let you know tonight
  10. Isky 292 race cam. Currently in a nice jet valve head! Unsure if all the other component's are OEM or not. Super clean inside. (Still bolted to block) $300 for cam only. $350 for complete head. Head pickup In Mason, OH. Will ship cam anywhere. 513-615-2317. Text for pictures. Thanks!
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