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Antenna Mast?

01 April 2021 - 09:04 AM

Where is everyone sourcing a new antenna mast for our cars nowadays?   I saw a post in the FAQ section saying that a Saab 9-3 one will work, but all of the photos online don't appear to be a match.   Perhaps I'm looking at the wrong year?  


Power Steering Belt

27 January 2021 - 09:01 AM

I ran into another small issue that I never had before.  I have a PS belt that I bought from rockauto recently.  It is a Gates 9295.    It's too long!   Looking around on the net, this model number comes up a lot for our cars.  It's even what is listed via napa.    Per the part number, it is a 29.5" belt.  But the box says it is 29 7/8" and the circumference measures 30.5".   Pulling the pump all the way to its limit on the bracket slot results in a less than snug fit.    Not sure if I got a bum belt or if it is truly the wrong part for the car.  The part number imprinted on the belt is indeed 9295.  

Just wondering if anyone bought a PS belt recently that worked and if you happen to have the part number handy?  

And I should say that this belt has become hard to find in general.  I guess because it is not a nominal inch size belt.   I was going to try a 4L290 (29") belt that is pretty common off the shelf.  Something that I could easily take back if it is too short.

BAT 88 Conquest

08 January 2021 - 12:05 PM

A friend forwarded me this today.   I know I know this car but just can't place the member.  


BSEK chain too tight

30 December 2020 - 10:33 AM

I just installed the timing chain/oil pump on this 88 engine Iím refreshing.  The oil pump chain is pretty tight.  I have to put a bit of pressure to install the lower guide.  Just doesnít seem right to me. I donít recall this being so tight in the past on other rebuilds.

Iím using a bsek 3 piece kit with the original gears and a new lower guide. I tried the original lower guide and itís the same.  

Iím worried it is going to tear up that guide in no time if I run it like this.

LH Balance Shaft Cover Gasket

09 December 2020 - 08:29 AM

Does anyone know if this o-ring style gasket is available separately anywhere?  I know it comes in the full gasket set but I literally have every gasket to rebuild my engine with exception to this one (well and a distributer o-ring).  

I still have to check if it is available OEM but figured I'd ask if anyone ever found it aftermarket.  

Worst case is I'll reuse the original with a little RTV on the bottom edge.   I'm eliminating the balance shafts and have installed the sleeve for the front oil passage.  So the only oil that 'should' be in there is what gets splashed in.