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In Topic: Resistance on Vac. Advance

16 January 2019 - 07:08 AM

When applying vacuum via a vacuum pump to the vac advance, the arm should start pulling in fairly easily with minimal vacuum and it should hold.  If the arm doesn't pull in, the diaphragm is shot.  If it pulls in but doesn't hold when you stop pumping, then the diaphragm has a small hole or you don't have a good seal between your pump and the vac. advance.

In Topic: Stock coolant temp gage on dash question

20 December 2018 - 10:07 AM

Even the aftermarket stock sensors donít usually work.  They typically arenít calibrated the same.  I just recently pulled out my new aftermarket sensor because it was reading 3/4 at ~180 degrees. I tossed in a 30 year old original sensor and it works fine.  

Btw this gauge is not a tapered thread.  It is a metric flat faced o ring boss. M16-1.5 ifmemory serves me correctly.  Itís very similar in size to a 3/8 npt but I dont believe youíd be able to tap your tapered thread hole to the metric o ring boss

In Topic: Direct Fit "Hurst Shifters"

17 December 2018 - 01:53 PM

Love it!!!

In Topic: Stabbing transmission - manual

11 December 2018 - 02:58 PM

I had a little bit of issue stabbing mine after rebuild.  I installed new alignment bushings on the block (the two bottom bolt holes for the tranny).  They had some slight interference with the mating holes on the transmission.   I deburred the holes but it was still tight.  Ended up using longer hardware to reach the thread and carefully pulled the tranny onto the bushings.

In Topic: Got a reupholstering quote today ...

04 December 2018 - 08:24 AM

View Posttechboy, on 03 December 2018 - 11:15 PM, said:

Yeah he did. How'd you know?? It is Daves in Emmaus.

Dave's interiors in Emmaus

I recognized the shop.   His 37 buick century convertible was the car my wife and I had at our wedding.