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  1. Zinc needs to be added to the oil to break in cam and rocker arms. Noisy usually means set too loose unless the cam is getting worn. Let us know what you find. Dad
  2. Vac advance causes a hiccup Won't hurt to replace it since they can cause grief
  3. I was contacted today by Nick Ventmiller, He is Marks son, Mark has been a long time member of this community, He was know for polishing rims, supplying rims, No one could compare to the work that he did. Mark is in Hospice care and doesn't have much time left. Nick said he met a ton of people and loved the Starquest community. Please keep Mark and his family in your Thoughts and prayers. Dad
  4. Dad


    Good to know, James Kane has one also, waiting to see how his pressure is, When I had the shop I compared the pumps and really looked the same, I like the idea of a cast pump and steel gears over aluminum housings, seems aluminum gets scored easily, Plus the Cast pumps cost so much less. Dad
  5. Oil pick up screens are obsolete, New oil pumps are really pricey, has anyone used the 83 style oil pump and pick up tube that bolts to block, They are really inexpensive and available. I'm sure some have tried it. Thoughts? input? Results? Dad
  6. I just switched to 5w30 from 10w30 since I have about 100+ psi on startup. running 80-85 psi at 65mph in 5th hot. Dad Dads Engine Parts LLC
  7. It's been 2 years since we closed our shop. Many people continued to ask me about parts so Diane and I started Dads Engine Parts LLC we went online today. link below. Dad Dads Engine Parts Llc.
  8. Pretty sure i have a couple Dad
  9. I have a few, it's a straight hose but very flexible. MD120466
  10. Is that all you changed was the gasket? Or did you go further and install ARP head studs without cutting baffles to clear the rear studs? Dad
  11. Did oil pressure drop when hot? When I lost a balance shaft bearing, I noticed a high rpm rattle, but a few days on I noticed oil pressure at idle was lower on gauge. other bearings were ok but it put trash all thru engine, had to rebuild it.
  12. Pics aren't showing A should be just a drain in case water gets in airbox, B and C sound like the oil catch can, bottom hose goes to oil pan nipple, top hose goes to nipple on air accordion between air box and turbo intake, center hose goes to pipe that connects top rear of valve cover, as boost comes on the PCV shuts closed then turbo pulls crancase vapors into the inlet, residual oil collects in the can then drains back to oil pan, that explains some oil mist in inter-cooler. Be sure that can is flushed clean and not clogged. Dad
  13. I run a clutch fan and shroud on my 87 along with electric front fan, ran same setup with my 87 shetland. Shetland had an aluminum radiator and working A/C. setup was great and reduced the load on the stock alternator
  14. I'm in Youhgstown, My son Bill (Coldscrip) is in Twinsburg.
  15. My mistake, it looked like only pin end was balanced. Carry on! Dad
  16. You need to balance both ends of the rod, pin end and crank pin end, Each ends weight will change when balancing the other.
  17. Most times I see the small plug missing on the brake or clutch pedal for the switch to turn off cruise when pedal is pushed in . it gets brittle and breaks apart, I think we used a plastic body pin like type to hold interior door panels on. Take a look and see if yours is missing. Dad
  18. Man, that's Brutal, I know you are younger than I am but that is way too many hours. I start next week at another dealership looking at less hours.
  19. Be sure they have front cover installed when they deck it. Dad
  20. I put in 96 hours in two weeks , so I don't get on much, hoping yo move on to something with less hours. Dad
  21. Look very close, in my experience oil in the coolant can be cracked cylinder wall or a crack in cylinder head just under cam, rare but have seen it so don't just assume it was a head gasket and not look closer at head and block. Dad
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