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  1. Sweet she’s back up partners. Glad to see y’all again.
  2. Maybe it's reading more on the conservative side? Idk not shabby by no means
  3. OH good thinking . I believe it's ok it was a bare head so I reused the old rockers and shafts. I'm guessing just my catostrophic failure and over heating broke them.. I ordered some so no need for these anymore. Thanx for the suggestions
  4. I know about the new ones and ordered stuff from dad before thanx for the tip though Probably less than 50 bucks
  5. G54Bstore


    Need some good lifters . Hydraulic stock 87 setup. Lifters are really noisy after I overheated and cracked the head. Now I got a new head ,back up and running . Just very noisy lifter tap. Let me know. Had a guy I was talking to about some before but lost the pm. Anyway..looking
  6. I'm looking for a passenger side tail light if you got one.
  7. I smoked for 20 years and been smoke free a year. Gotta think of the kids & grandkids and how they love their grandpa every time you light up. I'll never smoke cigs again. Gotta give the lungs and liver a break at some point. Awesome news to hear .
  8. Windshield, & front license plate bracket, look ok . Another one bites the dust man. Sad site to see. Like a local junkyard here where the owners son was a enthusiast. Had 20 or so parts cars sitting around the jyard and decides he don't like them no more and crushes them.
  9. I'll take a passenger side tail if in good shape please Maybe a pic? G54Bstore@aol.com Thanx
  10. I bought what dad here sells for the g54b.. That would be your best bet. I have used rock auto Cloyes on other stuff like v8 and 4 cyl Nissan . Good stuff
  11. Vietnamese made the same generator in there fox hole underground tunnels and bunkers back in Vietnam war. Hardly a new invention just a updated version. I do like the attitude of the company. Very cool of them to help people in need when they are Fortune 500 company..Wish more companies were as thoughtful. With the tinkerers here I bet we could come up with many of the same and more inventions. Looks like a cool place to work.
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