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  1. It's not a good idea to try to bolt it back up with the convertor still mounted to the flywheel though. You would just be asking to bust the front pump. I would wait until I had the motor back together then unbolt the convertor. Put it back on transmission and spin it to make sure it gets seated correctly before putting it back to the engine. You can check od band torque now, even inspect the valve body by removing pan checking for damage. Not sure how much you plan on building the car up but you could also get a few valve body mods while it's out. Scott does this I believe or you could order the spring kit and do it yourself.
  2. Amazing numbers and a nice looking car Brandon. Not sure how much more you looking for but just passing the 500 mark is a lot to be proud of. Again awesome car and congrats.
  3. UCW awesome setup. Thank you for the pictures. What fmic are you using? Again thank you, amazing work.
  4. Anyone have pics and details of how you ran piping to mpi intake to keep battery in factory location? Really curious how pipe from fmic to intake goes thru radiator support/front firewall. Really trying to make it look as close to a factory look as possible.
  5. Memories. Looks so much like my first one I bought in 92. I painted mine Strawberry pearl poly with gold metal flakes. Had a green section on the boost gauge. Mine also had different side cents though
  6. Freedom isn't free. Thank a Veteran
  7. Just wanted to say I appreciate the ones like Tim, Randy, and Scott, and of course many others that I have been able to contact for help that I take with confidence that their wisdom and integrity stands for something more than just words or smoke. We are a community here people, please respect and honor the ones that have been down the road and back a few times. First hand experience from trial and error goes so much further than theories but after they have been tried by Starquest owners please post your results both good or bad. It takes a real adult to admit when they are wrong so anyone who says they have done this or that without proof.... Well it's like saying you made an omelette but you don't have any broken eggs to prove it.
  8. Good luck and congrats. Sounds like lots of quality family time.
  9. Be careful on heater hoses. Don't want to tear up the thin copper/brass pipes for heater core.
  10. Cool oil cap. Keep it going. Lots more fun to drive and work on that look at and work around.
  11. Thanks speedy but I kept losing my train of thought. Not sure how much work would get done with the help he has with him but I bet they had a fun project. Now if I could just get my wife to start helping me again......... Hmm..... Precious memories
  12. Oh so is yours for sale now? Do we need to start the bidding at $15k bro?
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