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  1. I agree this would be the ideal way to fix it; however, I don't have the funds to replace EVERYTHING. Just enough to make it work.
  2. Posting this in automatic transmissions because the AC sub condenser is exclusive to the versions of the car with an automatic. I'm going through converting the AC in my 89 to use R134a. My AC sub condenser is pretty beat up, and I don't really want to fork over the insane amount of cash that a good one will cost. I'm planning on just deleting it entirely and running the main condenser only. Anyone done this or any thoughts on this?
  3. I'd be more inclined to do detailed writeups if we could upload larger photos. Makes it a real pain when an external tool needs to be used.
  4. All of mine also do this. I wouldn't be concerned.
  5. Looks pretty roached for the price. Though if you sold the parts you might come out ahead.
  6. Has been attempted but as far as I know unfinished.
  7. I think I may buy this and try it. ~$70 on RockAuto. I'll report back with the results.
  8. Good question, not entirely sure on that. Inlet on the small pipe side would work well though
  9. I am considering buying the water pump MD025475 due to it's inlet pipe locations compared to the OEM water pump. This water pump is from the forklift variant of the engine I believe. I'm wondering if this has been done before? My motivation behind this would be the custom radiator I'm planning on using has inlet/outlet pipes that line up well with the layout of said pump. My only concern is that the pulley won't line up, I'm not very familiar if the crank pulley is different. This may be a terrible idea. Here's an image of said water pump:
  10. Check injector clips & secondary injector (green one)
  11. I have a few projects... 1989 Chrysler Conquest SHP 1988 Chrysler Conquest SHP 1987 Mistubishi Starion flatbody auto (rare but super undesirable) 1987 Chrysler Conquest Started with 1989 about 3 years ago, needed to fix almost everything with it to get it going. Got the flatbody for a very good price and had to swap in my spare G54B to get it running and driving. Those are the two on the road currently when it is nice weather. The 88 conquest is my most recent purchase. It needs almost everything, but the guy I purchased it from did some amazing work. The entire rear and front subframes are entirely redone, professionally painted, as well as the gas tank. D2's, rebuilt diff, poly bushings, R2 Rotors which I'm pretty sure they don't make anymore, and an insane list of other things. Underneath the car it looks all brand new. I need to paint the rest of the car, fix some structural damage, and install an engine and trans. Current plan is to run a stand alone on a G54B TBI setup (I know, waste of time). I have an old school ported throttle body and intake that I plan on using as well as an NJV head. Want to try and run E85. Using a microsquirt ECU. Might work, might not. If it doesn't, I've considered doing a supercharged 3800 swap, but I'd like to actually drive this thing sometime in the immediate future. The 87 Conquest was purchased completely gutted and will have a 318 swap (this is the furthest back on my list). I have a pretty extensive list of parts I'm going through and will likely be selling things I don't need once I get it all together. I would include way more pictures, but it's 2023 and I don't have my kodak laying around to take some low res images. Here's some compressed ones.
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