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  1. I had bought one of these off the original owner for $100 back in 1998..... sold it for $300.... now im regretting it... anybody know or have one for sale? price/location is so. thanks
  2. I have ordered a bosch 044.... I had to cut the original line close to the banjo nut side.. is it cool to use a barbed end on the Bosch and hook up to the oem fuel hose with two worm style clamps?.. or should I go with racing fittings?.. or get a new hose made with the correct banjo fitting, does anyone make an aftermarket replacement?..I have a stock FPR.. thanks
  3. thanks for that link to the gaskets.. definitely will come in handy on this build.. car also sat for a while.. 89k miles... I checked his site for the gasket and didn't find it.. I sent them an email..... should I just use the permatex green and no gasket? thanks in advance
  4. thanks for the tips.. I got some Fel-pro gasket paper today..$10.. I might try to see if I can make something and use the permatex green in junction..
  5. hey guys.. its been a while for me.. had a TSI back in 98-2002.. ended up selling the car and regret it big time..recently bought a decent 89 TSI and will be getting it back to road worthiness... car wasn't running... figured out this weekend that the fuel pump was not working.. I plan on upgrading to the Bosch 044... MY QUESTION is this.. since I have the tank down I thought it'd be a good idea to tackle the differential cover leak..and change the gear oil too... not sure if I can get a gasket for that cover? should I make my own? or just use silicone?.. any advice is greatly appreciated!!..
  6. damn dawg i cant believe your still on here?? ya man sometimes i miss that car alot.. kinda wish i still had it. i just wana check up on it and make sure it isnt wrecked. im still in CT for the time being. got into a car accident a while back and havent been doin much.. no riding, no cars. hoping ill get back into a project car in the future. remember when i chopped up the blue quest in my driveway? lol
  7. im looking for my 89 conquest tsi that i sold back in 2003 to a guy in new jersey. no clue what his name was but he was italian. if any of you recognize this car and can help me track it down i would be very greatful! if any1 has carfax i would greatly appreciate if you could help me out!! here is the VIN # JJ3CC54N7KZ023103 thank you, Bruno
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