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  1. Unfortunately, I think they want you to buy the entire strut bearing. Let me double check this today again. Thanks for the heads up. Jim
  2. I need a couple of strut bearing caps in very good condition. I really just need one but I'll take a pair if that makes it easier. Please email me..... jkaufmann65@gmail.com Thanks, Jim
  3. I'll take whole thing would probably be easier. I know the motor is gone and the blades aren't 100 percent either. Thanks. SLim Jim
  4. I need the left fan for a Conquest. I need something in excellent condition to match the condition of my car. I'm not sure which one's primary or secondary it's the bigger one as you're facing the vehicle the one on the left. Please shoot me a price plus shipping. jkaufmann65@gmail.com Thanks SLIM Jim
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