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  1. LOL, I'm kinda curious what the "bargaining with the internet" stage looks like.
  2. Those aren't a bad idea. I could make a set for less than $100 in materials. Even cheaper if you get used jackstands and weld a hub adapter to them.
  3. I sense a powerful website Necromancer nearby. SQC has maroon interior now
  4. They are LS2 car coils. LS2 truck coils have the heat sync.
  5. Bench bleeding involves attaching hoses to the MC outputs and running them back to the input. Then slowly cycling the MC until there are no more bubbles. Same setup when you do it in car just push the pedal slowly. Once you've done that then you connect the lines to the MC and bleed the calipers to remove air trapped in the lines. Many new or rebuilt MCs from parts stores come with plastic hose barbs that fit on the MC outputs to make bench bleeding easier. If you don't have that then the cheapest/shortest brake line you can find at a parts store will do. Make sure it threads into the MC and cut it to make hose barbs.
  6. Sounds like you left the converter on the flywheel and pulled the trans off the converter. You wont hurt anything by doing that. It it worked before it will work again. There are ways to check auto trans but they involve disassembly. You would have to turn the converter around 1000 rpm to get any output. That's just not going to happen by hand.
  7. Bleeding at the calipers is different. Bleeder open, pedal down and hold, bleeder closed, pedal up. You can make a power self bleeder with a glass jar and a SQ vac pump. Put 2 nipples in the jar cap. I used x2 1.8" pop rivets then drilled through them. Then connect one nipple to the vac pump and the other to a caliper. Start the pump then open the bleeder. Close the bleeder when you get no more bubbles. Be careful and keep an eye on the MC. A power bleeder can drain the MC pretty quickly.
  8. More than 700 with a G54B. A drag race starion that showed up at MOD was supposed to have 800+ but he's not on the forums.
  9. Auto trans has a positive lock in park that prevents the wheels from turning when parked. Manual trans only has the friction it takes to turn the motor. People call it an e-brake but it's really a parking brake.
  10. Same as a bench bleed just push the pedal slower.
  11. Did you bench bleed the MC? If not there may be air in the system.
  12. In the first few pages there are diagrams showing every connection and it's location.
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