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  1. They are the same thing. Both are double flares. The bubble type is an unfinished flare that gets crushed into the double flare shape by the fitting. After installing both types will look identical. The important part if making your own flares is to make a double flare not a single flare.
  2. I was a bit suprized by the results.
  3. It's been a few years, good to see you're still around. I live in Colorado now. You still in Denver?
  4. Interesting, I thought it may have been for space concerns. I would however add I have owned Fords all the way back to my 67 Galaxie. I have had Ford master cylinders leak just as often as other manufacturers.
  5. You're switching to hydraulic assisted brakes? Reasons?
  6. I have Eibach sleeve overs on my car. They work fine except the springs seem too stiff. If you push down on my fender the car doesn't move. You seemed to not want to use those coilovers and that got me wondering if those springs are softer than mine.
  7. How stiff are the springs on those coilovers? I have a similar setup on mine but the springs seem too stiff.
  8. Rx7 calipers may be unique to that platform. That would explain the price. 300zx and vr4 may have some slight difference to give it a different part #. I don't know much about those applications so I can't be sure. I will say that resource isn't perfect. For example, my 91 toyota pickup and widebody SQs use the same front brake pads. If you look up the pads for the toyota the compatibility tab says they only fit the toyota. If you look up the SQ pad it says those pads fit dozens of vehicles including the toyota.
  9. Go to Oriely auto parts website. Look up the part in question on the car you know it comes on. Click the compatibility tab and it will show you all the other vehicles that part fits on. http://www.oreillyauto.com/
  10. 50s commercials were brutal
  11. 80 deg Thursday, 60 deg Friday, Today I wake up to 8 inches of snow on the ground. Colorado weather be odd sometimes but I've never seen snow this late before.
  12. Early last year Washington passed a bill. Hidden in that bill was changes to online sales and taxes. The policy for when you get a 1099 for selling online was changed from $20,000+ and 200 transactions to $600 and no transaction count. Ebay and a few other sites have been fighting this. This link is to Ebay's "letter to congress" page where you can add your name to show support for this fight. https://www.ebaymainstreet.com/campaign/2021-federal-1099-campaign?utm_campaign=2022-US-1099K&utm_source=ebay-marketing&utm_medium=seller-email&mkevt=1&mkpid=2&emsid=0&mkcid=27&bu=43172749873&osub=fa551048596cae4315281624af9cc9c9%7EPOP11742_SG1733&segname=POP11742_POP11742_SG1733&crd=20220510111417&ch=osgood&sojTags=osub%3Dosub%2Csegname%3Dsegname%2Ccrd%3Dcrd%2Cch%3Dch%2Cchnl%3Dmkcid
  13. Thinset fills in the hole pretty good.
  14. I miss going to junkyards. Even if you didn't find what you needed it was fun to just poke around.
  15. Have you pressure tested the turbo? A friend of mine had a cracked Mitsu turbo CHRA that would leak coolant into the oil drain. Fairly rare problem but it does happen.
  16. Around 70% of the Earth's surface is water. Most of that water is not carbonated. Therefore the Earth is flat.
  17. LOL, I'm kinda curious what the "bargaining with the internet" stage looks like.
  18. Those aren't a bad idea. I could make a set for less than $100 in materials. Even cheaper if you get used jackstands and weld a hub adapter to them.
  19. I sense a powerful website Necromancer nearby. SQC has maroon interior now
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