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  1. From the album: engine rebuild more

    Bam! Got the TSQ Tank
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  2. From the album: My Starion

    I spent 4 months getting the engine rebuilt and modified. Had the car on the road for 3 months before the accident and she ran a 12.2 quarter at Atco the week before this accident. I was heading down a country road to pick up my son and a kid in a RX-7 blew a stop sign, t-boned me and sent me rolling into a corn field. Seat belt broke 2 ribs and roof caved in just enough for a mild concussion. I walked away then went to ER when my daughter forced me later that night..
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  3. From the album: Sketchup

    Ive had the 3D file for about 6 hours and I've spent about 5 of those cleaning it up. I might start over again and do it smarter now that I've learned about all the "junk" that was in the file initially. Once I'm happy with a good "base model" I'll upload it to 3Dwarehouse so everyone can play with it.
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  5. From the album: barn save

    well i guess ima join the club and and get her prepped for my 2jz-gte VVT-i auto swap.
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  6. From the album: Misc

    Showing how close Natallica's decals and Duplicolor's "Storm Grey" comes to matching the stock finish. Pretty dang good!
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  7. From the album: repairs, replacements, and fixes

    These are the 2 side bracket pieces that go to the sunroof wind deflector. I had to machine the bases out of aluminum, because the plastic ones were dry rotted and broken. I got rid of the rust on the arms and used roll pins to replace the original pins at the pivot point. Then just added a coat of black paint, and they're as good as new. Going to scotch brite the wind deflector next and it'll be black too when I'm done with it.
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  8. From the album: 440 Quest

    88 Conquest engine bay fit with a: 440 .060 over, 440 stroke, aluminum rods, 13 to 1 pistons, custom heads, mopar intake, 950 carb, 250 shot plate system.
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  9. From the album: 440 Quest

    First time out with the car in Tucson. Wheelie bar set low.
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  12. From the album: my 87

    Getting there
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  13. From the album: my 87

    Custom front panel
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  16. From the album: Untitled Album

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