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  1. Getting to oil pan sump to sit nicely behind the crossmember is my goal, along with creating as much space as possible for the exhaust without cutting into the car.
  2. Close to seeing the space I would need to be comfortable.
  3. Also went x-mas shopping. After many hours or reading and searching the web I've decided on using the front suspension from a second gen RX-7. Notably the five lug setup. There will be some mixing and matching but I might only have to make lower ball joint mounts for this to work. I can't expect all my angles to be correct but I can build in adjustability and find parts, unlike really any performance quest parts.
  4. Made some modifications. Turns out I should have taken a bit more off but not a big deal.
  5. Bit nasty in here but no real concerning issues. Just needs some cleaning and paint.
  6. It's snowing outside so I have to clean everything up inside before I can take it to work to get everything blasted and ready for modification.
  7. I'm not sure if I should get custom steering arms made or swap to s14 spindles. At this point I'm leaning to s14 to keep things simple and costs low.
  8. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to build in a basement with a low ceiling.
  9. Thanks. I figured another LS swap would be pretty boring and basic at this point. The quest might be well suited for this swap. The BMW engine has a deep oil pan bump down at the rear which seems to fit right behind the crossmember (with a bit of work) so that means everything in front of the cross member is open to fabrication. In theory, having forward facing steering arms may net me better handling but it's a low bar considering the steering box it had.
  10. I am considering a few different options, but they all depend on getting the drive train mounted first. So far, I have switched the steering arms, so they are facing forward to give me a better look. I want to keep this cheap as right now I have lots of time to mess around with random concepts. I'm always open to ideas.
  11. Watch me destroy my newly restored mental health as I stuff this 2.8 liter straight six into my quest. Why? Because f*** me, that's why. And of course, it's going to have a manual transmission and of course I had to ditch the tractor style steering box in favor or a rack that will have to sit in front of the crossmember. Why? Because I love pain. I'm not sure if anyone uses this site anymore but I despise most social media so here is where I will be. So, follow along and make sure to let me know what a mess I'm making.
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