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  1. Nice, the first link works just won't let me in. The second link works and is very nice.
  2. Link is no good. What's the info?
  3. For now just gonna mock up the 88 roller with the auto trans and stock ecu. Future goal is twin turbos and ka24de 5 speed with AEM computer. This will be the daily driver. If I can find the manual transmission before I get the swap done it will be installed with stock ecm.
  4. Decided to go with a 1uz. Could not beat the price. http://i1164.photobucket.com/albums/q566/Reitman_828/Mobile%20Uploads/20151109_164402_zps7lnxkxae.jpg
  5. Ok thanks, I'll order one up for Christmas. What years are best as a package jz setup?
  6. What is the the low down on the wiring needed on the stock form Japanese import with auto trans? Just wanted to get the engine running in Stock trim using the auto if I buy one. Thanks in advance.
  7. Please visit the team Wild Horse Pass Facebook page.
  8. The 440 Quest posted fastest n-a mile per hour of 135.71 on yesterday afternoon in Round 1 of gambler races. We are through round two this morning and pushing on. Anyone in California come check out the car in Fontana pits 5b.
  9. For sure. Car came out heavy with the full frame, suspension and interior it's weighing in at 3250 with driver. Chassis is build to handle 1500hp. Someday I'll build that crazy motor.
  10. 10.19 to 10.36 on motor at 132 to 135 mph. W/Tight converter.
  11. Running those D2s up front. Working good.
  12. Chrysler Conquest at Firebird Raceway: Click on my YouTube page for other videos. Just got go pro so more to come soon.
  13. Try that link. Google search l4n71b and you can find plenty of support for parts.
  14. http://www.makcotransmissionparts.com/L3N71B.html
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