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  1. I didn't make them, but I did get an extra one when they came out. Shoot me a pm on here and I'll see it to you. If I remember correctly, they were $20 each when I bought them.
  2. Well, I thought I had one, but I can't seem to find it. I'll see if I can get the printer going and make one up tonight.
  3. I think I have a 3d printed one left. I'll look tonight when I get home from work. My printer is down at the moment, but hopefully I'll have it back up and running this weekend. Anthony
  4. delayed replay

    Delayed Replay's

    This is my 89 SHP. I just got it, and am starting to do some small fixes so far. plan on trying to get it running first, then work on the interior.
  5. Last minute decision! I'll be there with my wife and one of my daughters. Couldn't get a room at VL, but we'll be just up the street. Probably be rolling in late Fri night. See you there Sat!
  6. I'm stalled for a couple of weeks on working on the quest. As soon as. I get back on it and get some good pics, I'll post em up. Hopefully be back on it Saturday.
  7. Check the passing relay under the dash. It's just to the left of the glove compartment. I had a similar issue with mine when I swapped out the dash. Turned out to be that relay was still attached to the old dash and I had the hardest time figuring out what that d@#$% blue plug went to! LOL. If it's not plugged in or loose, the lights will pop up, and turn on and off, but will not go down.
  8. I have a starquest and a starcraft. Does that make me a "star"?
  9. I drove it in the rain the other day. The time before that, I had the small hose from the thermostat housing leaking from not being tight enough. I put a new hose and clamps on and fixed that problem, but if its raining and water gets up to it, I have problems.
  10. Oh ok. That would explain a lot. lol I'm still learning how to work on these. I didn't take auto mechanics in school, so I'm getting a crash course in hands on.
  11. Probably would be. I put a new dist. cap and rotor on it, but it still lets the moisture get in. A buddy of mine said to spray silicone on it, and that helped, but it still gets in. Any suggestions?
  12. Ok. I ran across the website a couple days ago while exploring options. my distributor doesn't have a tight seal around the cap and sucks in moisture when it rains, which causes the engine to sputter and miss. Those guys had a distributorless ignition setup, and I wondered how well it worked. Plus I wanted options on the injection system in case my injectors go bad. Thanks for the info though.
  13. Has anyone heard of or know about these guys: www.fuelinjectionpro.com Do they have good systems, or is their stuff garbage or what?
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