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  1. traps

    83 Hood

    PM me or text my cell. 361-944-1707 - Lee
  2. I am currently installing them loll... any other tips or tricks to add
  3. traps

    2fast2six ?

    Still nothing. No refund. No parts.
  4. File for lost title and show bill of sale from Wrecker.
  5. Just saw the last few posts, I was curious to see how the GP was doing, I paid up a while ago and knew it would take some time to get the airdamn, as Niko explained with this size GP and total research and development. I am saddend by also seeing on FB that Mark "Burton" is also about out and feeling stressed. I hope and pray you guys take some time and regroup. Ya'lls help have been tremendous and I will want to do business with you guys in the future. I would love for Mark to do even half as good or budgeted of a paint job as he did for Niko lol. I have had the pleasure of trying to help small minded people lately on FB forum and just realize let em be stupid and just keep trucking...lead the horse to water but...well poop you know the rest. So much fighting bickering who has the biggest pee pee or faster car. What happened to a car "community" people?? I can understand why yall get burnt out but take some time to reasses and please come back for the sake of the guys and gals who really do appreciate what yall do...I mean seriously how about a BBQ in honor of the Vendors??? I should have called ya Niko I was at the Phil Heath Classic two weeks ago at the Bayou Center. Ultimately Niko you gotta do you! Your legit in my book-Traps
  6. Brian (BrianPaul98)has some 240's that are lightened balanced and resurfaced...I just picked one up two weeks ago. Brain from Lowwer Shores Performance....I believe he has a recent thread on em in vendors or parts for sale
  7. oil seperator was flowing just fine with cleaner. Now looking to turbo for oil leak. Only has 2months on rebuild from shop so we shall see.....
  8. I will do that today when i go to my mechanics shop to fix window. The only reason I see it made a mess was throught the BOV . Impressive but not fun to clean.
  9. Been driving the Beast with no issues......I found that my oil seperator was not connected at the valve cover so I bought a new elbow etc and connected it....I noticed after racing it last night a cloud of smoke, opened the hood and saw oil all in the BOV and it shot all over the underside of hood. It was not doing this when we rebuilt and cleaned everything around 5k miles ago. is the oil seperator clogged and if so can I go with mustang aftermarket catch can instead. I am about to cap the oil return on pan and put the bs filter on the cover. What a mess. Any suggestions gentlemen.
  10. I heard a while back he was having heath issues. Wayne will be missed, his SOS manuals are some wonderful write up's. Prayers to his family and friends.
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