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  1. Lower side moldings good? Even the clips are getting hard to find due to how brittle they become.
  2. Sorry to see all this. Hoping things get better quick
  3. The fuel pump is turned off if the motor isn't turning as a safety feature. The only way the computer knows the car is running is from the knock box.
  4. Twin Flatties. Sorta wish our cars were stainless steel.
  5. hmm, I remember its all molded one piece, but its been a while. The problem is usually related to those bushing pieces being smooshed or distorted. It'd be great if say somebody who made poly bushings would make these also. hint hint hint hint. I'd buy four sets yestarday.
  6. IMO If someone forbids you the ability to protect yourself, they become responsible for your safety. The way people love to make such rules for others and then don't do anything to provide security is somewhere between insane and criminal and maybe both.
  7. Plugging/removing the secondary air system won't cause any running problems... BUT it is there to help the cats survive. Rumor has it that most of us remove/gut the cats so it's not a problem. I have a lot of parts, but not whats on your shopping list unfortunately. There are companies that specialize in cleaning/testing injectors so you can make sure you've got a good set.
  8. Welcome, I'm originally from Waterloo. If you need anything just let me know. These cars are generally reliable, but you have to pay attention to them. The overheating issue is often caused by little things like leaves getting trapped between the radiator and condenser over time.
  9. Congrats. "special interest" is always an weird category. Why was the 56 in special interest? No category pre 60s?
  10. Consider it "value orientated" not "prestige orientated". SQ attract a value orientated crowd who maximize their enjoyment from the car in a lot of ways for little money. If you don't like that there are other cars where how much you spend defines you (mustangs are a good example).
  11. Metal bushing? With the amount of force in that shaft, its hard to believe any plastic bushing would hold up. All the ones I've seen had bearings.
  12. the hood sort of looks like they took an 83 and taped up the opening and then made a mold.
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