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Hello, I was the one who just bought this car and would appreciate any guidance to get this in good condition.  I know there is an issue with the fuel gauge so that is the first thing I would like to tackle.  If anyone has a good starting point to isolate the issue with it not reading the fuel it would be appreciated.  Once I have things working, I am interested in getting this to run the 350-450 HP range with either engine rebuild or swap.  I had one of these cars, but that was 20+ years ago so I am a little out of the loop with where to start.

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On 9/8/2023 at 2:29 PM, kev said:

I roll my eyes on some of the 'know-it-all's' who chose to comment on BaT.   I'd have no patience with that.   

I dont think I've ever read BaT comments before. I usually just drool over pics. Lol.

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