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  1. stock engine,20g turbo,no balance shafts,tep valve springs,mechanical rocker head.
  2. nice looking vehicle.those carbon head light covers or black.
  3. boosted diamonds makes really nice fiberglass and carbon fiber hoods. i got a carbon fiber one really great quality and fit .
  4. i got the smaller kit.kit fit great,works great.the rotors are from a different vehicle and he machines our bolt pattern into them.my biggest issue is the spacer that goes behind the rotor.makes poor engagement of wheel studs.i installed longer studs for piece of mind.
  5. 101 purpose sells on ebay new door weatherstrip
  6. great looking car and even better looking place to drive around
  7. transmission got picked up .nice to meet ya
  8. i removed the transmission when converted to manual.car sat since 96.according to old owner the transmission was fine.fluid did not smell burnt.willing to give transmission for FREE to a good home.in bloomingdale nj 07403 will not ship.come pick it up.
  9. welcome to the club.got some work ahead of you.it will clean up nice.mine was much worse and cleaned up nicely.good luck
  10. welcome to the club.nice fixer upper.good luck
  11. welcome to the club.another solid looking car good luck 4g63 swap keep it mitsu.
  12. welcome to the club.car looks solid good starting point .
  13. just purchased header panel and head light panels.great communication great person to deal with.can't wait to get on car thanks again
  14. was wondering if the header panel and headlight covers are still available
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