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  1. i feel the best swap is a 4g63.just from a weight standpoint and easier to fit in car.but all options jz,ls,4g63 are all good options.but it does seem the seller new the status of vehicle.unfortunate but thats buying a used car.sorry for that.
  2. welcome to the family.congrats on car and getting your kids involved in cars good luck
  3. check for power and ground at the blower motor.if no power then check the same at the blower motor resistor.
  4. goldline brakes rebuilt my rear calipers.did a great job.
  5. i sent my tubo to forced performance to have made into a 20g.i couldn't trust kinugawa quality.
  6. i run eibach springs and those mokeeh struts.rides nice.only issue i have is the front hits little harder then i would like.needs more compression in struts.but parts are limited.
  7. welcome to the family.very clean car.
  8. i was running lucas hot rod oil with zinc.i had rockers adjusted properly.i actually adjusted multiple times then had my guru adjust them to make sure its not me.then i was going to adjust tight to see if noise gets better,then i found the camshaft was missing a lobe.also all the lobes had like pitting almost like air bubbles in the weld and regrind.the camshaft only has 600 miles on it.sent cams to schneider so i will see what they say.
  9. mechanical rocker shafts .its a minivan head.they were adjusted perfect.actually adjusted them like 5 times.they made more noise then anything ive ever heard.i spoke to schneider and im sending both the stock cam and tep cam to him to see if the ramps were incorrect.
  10. reallyclean car with very good price gonna sell fast
  11. stock engine,20g turbo,no balance shafts,tep valve springs,mechanical rocker head.
  12. nice looking vehicle.those carbon head light covers or black.
  13. boosted diamonds makes really nice fiberglass and carbon fiber hoods. i got a carbon fiber one really great quality and fit .
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