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  1. welcome to the family.
  2. i got my head from dads engines .i recommend getting from him
  3. welcome to the family and good luck with your project
  4. rough with no info.but check fuel pressure possible low but when vacuum reference increases fuel psi it drives ok.also make sure primary and secondary injectors are hooked up properly
  5. welcome to the family.hope your dad pulls through.starquestparts.net,mks,dad,motocam are the places to go for parts.great companies.great people.
  6. welcome to the family.good luck with it.he is correct diagnose yourself before just replacing parts.
  7. are the injectors hooked up correctly for primary and secondary.also does the car have converters still
  8. if you have fuel and spark it should run.unless timing off, the spark jumping in cap,or mecanical failure.it is possible if the coolant sensor for ecu is faulty and reading like -40 degrees .
  9. when vehicle stalls and will not start. check for fuel pressure,spark,and confirm coolant temperature with something beside the stock gauge.once you figure out what your losing you can go in that direction
  10. welcome to the family.car looks solid.good luck have fun...
  11. i have non shp wheels i run 225/50 in front and 245/50 in rear. general rs. the 245/50 in rear gives you more options in tires
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