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    Rear Hatch Adjustment/Rear Wiper/Center brake fix

    By BuzzKill,
    The hinges on the rear lid are adjustable on the body, here is how you do it (It is a pain in the a**).   NOTE: It is very helpful to have a factory manual anytime attempting a task of this nature. The manual illustrates how to remove such panels without damaging them.   1. Remove the rear headliner (roll bar trim) by prying downward on the rear of the liner (edge near the hatch opening) and inserting a trim stick or screw driver between the liner and the clips. Remove the clips and remove the

    Injector Clip Replacement/Wire Colors

    By BuzzKill,
    The injector clips often get corroded/gunked up and fail to make a proper contact. The primary injector runs until around 3000 RPM (about the same time you reach 0 psi on the boost gauge) and then the secondary kicks in. If the secondary injector doesn't start spraying, the car suddenly goes into a major lean-out and falls on its face.   Go out and buy some new injector clips (sometimes also called "connectors", "sockets" or "pigtails"). They're found at most parts stores for $5-10 each, usuall


    By Joey_T,
    Dunno if this is true or not, but no silver listed in 88.   I am looking out the office window at my new to me silver 88...maroon interior, sport, no sunroof, auto.


    By Chad,
    How close are you guys to needing some FAQ's drafted?  Do you have a list of FAQ's that you'ld like to see?  maybe you can make a poll of some sort and ask for requests.  I have made a few in the past, like :   www.geocities.com/chad86tsi/Injector-clip.html     I have a set of almost every year manual so I can get some specific procedures listed according to manual spec, as well as known shorcuts.

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