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  1. 1988 Mitsubishi Starion automatic with many extra parts. Engine was built by Darling performance with street engine build kit, Street performance head, and super 16Gturbo all from Top-End Performance, Trilogy Turbo High performance injectors (650cc primary, 950cc secondary) and Bosch high pressure fuel pump. Transmission has been recently rebuilt by Certified Transmission (with 5yr, 100k warranty). 2 .5 in exhaust from Top-End performance. Clarion stereo with DVD player( also have original stereo). Front seats have been recovered in high quality leather. Rims are 8s and 9s which were professionally refurbished 2 yrs ago. Too many spare parts to list but some of the major items are: 88 parts car( was manual), spare engine, (2) auto transmissions,(2) spare set of rims and tires(7s and 8s), many spare electrical parts, 83" hood in good shape. The body needs some work to get back to first class condition. Looking for $6500 for everything. Any questions please feel to ask.
  2. Recently had transmission rebuilt by a reputable shop. However, now when going down the freeway and signal to change lanes, it drops in and out of OD with the turn signal. I am getting a pretty good voltage drop when the turn signals are on and I am assuming that this is interfering with the temp signal for the OD but not 100% sure. I have replace and upgraded the alternator to get a stronger signal but not enough to eliminate the problem. Has anyone seen this before or have an idea where to start looking. I think it may be a grounding issue bu not sure of that either.
  3. Thanks Shelby that is what I had done with the line. Had thought it might plug into a canister somewhere but couldn't locate it, so that is reassuring that it is open ended.
  4. Pretty meticulous on the swap, did get the bushing in the crank. Only thing that I forgot was where the rubber vent line off the top of the tranny goes. Hopefully I will eventually figure it out.
  5. Pulled vacuum line off of modulator value and had ATF fluid on vacuum side of valve. Replaced and seems to be working now. Thanks for all the help.
  6. Hoping their is some one out there that is very fimilar with our auto trannies. What started off as a simple engine swap has grown into tranny issues. After swaping the engine I initially had no OD. Pulled the tranny and went through it and rebuilt it with new friction discs and plates also a few new bearings. After reinstalling th tranny still had no OD. Thinking it may be the valve body I swaped in a different valve body and everything seemed to be working fine for two days, then yesterday no overdrive again. Is there something stupid I am overlooking? Any Ideas?
  7. They appear to be. Ours is the L4N71B. First place I have seen a valve body listed!
  8. How much for the tranny? PM sent
  9. Yes, the vac line that goes on the top of the intake is there. Had to swap that fitting from the origional engine since the new engine was orginally a manual.
  10. To make a long story short I have had my tranny out and back in several time over the last few weeks. Was having troubles with the OD working after having done an engine swap. Rebuilt tranny, OD would not work, foud a couple minor errors, reassembled and reinstalled tranny. Upon reinstalliation I can not figure out where the vent line that come off the top of the transmission goes. It is roughly a 1/4 to 3/8 rubber line that is about 2 1/2' long, just long enough to make it up to the fire wall by the transmission dip stick. Could this line have anything to do with the OD now working? Help! Thanks in advance,
  11. Looking for a good 88 auto transmission
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