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  1. The intake is from 88-92 with the 4cyl. turbo gt if im not mistaken.
  2. Hi, if the mx6 intake is still available i'll take it! Just need paypal info .Thanks, Tony.
  3. Hi, if the mx6 intake is still available i'll take it . No pics necessary, just need your paypal info to send payment. Thanks ,Tony.
  4. I want the intake set up, where can I send the payment
  5. Hi , if you are still looking for a Conquest i have a yellow 88 Tsi 5 speed with 93k original miles!! You can call me at 1-646-250-8164, im located in Staten Island ny... Thanks, Tony
  6. Looking for a Magna intake for my 88 Conquest, moded or not as long as it has all the parts to it! Thanks ,Tony...
  7. Thanks for the quick response, the problem is in the instructions it says not to connect the white wire to the coil so my question is what wire do I use to get the rpm signal? As far as the purple wire it doesn't say where to connect this wire at all. Im learning as i go along about these cars, I've only had this car for a few months. Thanks again, Tony.
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