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  1. They sell them in mexico you buy one there,http://www.mitsubishimotors.com.mx/l200/2014/, but i hear we might get them in 2016,along with a new eclipse
  2. looks like there getting some power out of these mitsubishi diesels in thailand
  3. You try a twin disk for a 6 bolt eclipse, you also find most twin or triple disc clutches are smaller diameter than 240mm, usually 215mm 184mm and 133mm
  4. Direct injection has some issues with tuning and pumps,just look at the 335i bmw and mazdaspeed 3 and 6, Mitsubishi had direct injection cars in the 90's and they had problem with clogged injectors and pumps,
  5. I like that what i plan to do to my car http://img138.imageshack.us/img138/5793/gopr0121.jpg
  6. Pierre


    The camera is a gopro that i use when racing, it about three years old and abused http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73xRC-d37V0
  7. Pierre


    Its the same mopar transmission but it has a narrow mitsubishi bolt pattern
  8. What are the 3 different kinds of coilovers that D2 offer?
  9. There tons of cars in orlando running micotech and 2.6 tbi in orlando most of them run 10 with stock pistons and rods and transmission http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHGdAdP29ck&feature=related
  10. The rods are the same between the 4g63 and 4g64,you just cant match up 6 bolt and 7 bolt parts,7 bolts have a different size rod bearing and piston pin size
  11. Pierre


    This engine made 500hp with stock internals 2 years ago and almost 400hp with the stock turbo http://img844.imageshack.us/img844/8093/chrisdyno2309.jpg ]
  12. Pierre


    the 904 bolts up its from a 77 colt
  13. Pierre


    I have a spare EVO X engine that im building for my ralliart,and i wanted to see if it would bolt up to my spare A904 that im using in my 88 TSi with a 4g63, http://img11.imageshack.us/img11/8506/gopr0027.jpg http://img849.imageshack.us/img849/1708/gopr0028.jpg http://img811.imageshack.us/img811/4773/gopr0029.jpg http://img11.imageshack.us/img11/9314/gopr0030.jpg http://img545.imageshack.us/img545/5436/gopr0031.jpg http://img3.imageshack.us/img3/1703/gopr0032.jpg http://img806.imageshack.us/img806/1373/gopr0034.jpg Then i wanted to see if it would fit in the car and what it would look like. http://img195.imageshack.us/img195/1298/gopr0036.jpg http://img515.imageshack.us/img515/1111/gopr0037.jpg http://img545.imageshack.us/img545/2362/gopr0038.jpg http://img641.imageshack.us/img641/8951/gopr0039.jpg http://img854.imageshack.us/img854/999/gopr0040.jpg http://img10.imageshack.us/img10/3734/gopr0041u.jpg http://img715.imageshack.us/img715/1608/gopr0042.jpg
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