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  1. I have an 89 ecu but no injectors. Please PM if interested.
  2. I got it all installed and I like it better than 7. It takes a little getting used to, but that's probably normal. I'm not afraid of usage statistics being sent to Microsoft. I don't care if they know the location of my computer. If I want privacy, I turn off my computer and phone and experience real life.
  3. Been trying to get it and I'm wondering why it's so slow. My laptop is old, but my internet is fast. I am excited though.
  4. Something like this would have been my next upgrade if I had kept the car. I bet it would have picked up at least 50. I was seeing extremely diminishing returns for every pound of boost above 30. We stopped at 34 because it only made 30 more hp than it did at 30 psi.
  5. Maybe sell that intercooler and buy one with the configuration you are looking for! I don't know how much truth there is to it, but in my opinion, a sharp 90 degree bend right off the turbo isn't as bad as right near the throttle body. Or my personal favorite idea: an air-to-water intercooler right on top of the valve cover, under a cowl hood. The intercooler pipes would be an inch long.
  6. Post pictures when you're done.
  7. Thanks. I asked for advice from people here because I know they know a lot of stuff, including non-SQ stuff. I'll check out that forum. Edde, just dreaming for now. I lurk here a lot now. I want a fun car again, but I think I want to try a different engine, and I know with the LS engines, it's easy to make power. I know it's easy with the g54b too, but I did one already.
  8. Thinking about starting to buy or build an ls v8. I could use some info. I don't know much other than what wikipedia tells me, which isn't much.
  9. With DSM link you can delete the MAS and run a speed-density setup which can read higher levels of boost/airflow. If it has that, then it's completely tuneable and you could use it on the g54b.
  10. People who know dyno stuff quickly see the correction factor. I know it skews it high, but 495 is an improvement over 482 which is where I left it. You could use it to gauge somewhat the power output at the crank, I suppose. He does drag race the car, but he launched it back when it was in my old chassis and broke the U joint on the start line on the first run, so I think he just started swapping it after that. And I think the manifold is pretty sweet, so I agree, it's BAD! I turned the elbow for the throttle cable to face downward and ran the cable under the intake. It still has that arrangement in this chassis.
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