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  1. I've read up on it and alot of people say just let it sit out in the sun for awhile to evaporate all the gas, give it a good flush with something, double or triple wrap it and it should be good. Just don't say it's a gas tank to the shipping company.
  2. How about a nice gas tank with all of the goodies on it, shipped to 14485?
  3. I need a nice complete gas tank. I need the tank, fuel pump bracket, filler tube, pickup, outlet hose and all the other goodies shipped to 14485. I don't need the pump thanks
  4. How much for complete gas tank, with filler hose, pump mount, outlet hose and all the other goodies shipped to 14485?
  5. I'll get a quote tomorrow, sorry for the huge delay, I've been out of town for a couple weeks
  6. No front struts, had to keep them on the shell to get it out of the yard
  7. Sorry I've been out of town for awhile, I'll go out and see if I have all this stuff and if it's in good condition. I know off the top of my head that the column pieces are good, the cluster piece is good and the sill should be nice. I'll get shipping prices and I'll take 75 for everything depending on if I have it all and if it's all nice.
  8. hi, I need a hks downpipe,brake rotors,etc.. I live on L.I. Where r u ? also interested in Strut tower braces,tokicos,etc...floor mats thanx
  9. The gear box? I don't have it. I have the pump and reservoir tho.
  10. My step dad does body work, he lives in Lima, NY. He also has a ton of parts for Conquests so if you are interested hit me up.
  11. I have doors, in NY, very clean
  12. I have stripped a 1987 Conquest and have about every part imaginable sitting around. (no airdam or cowl pieces) All parts are in good condition, 90k motor with complete harnesses and computer. Contact with needs, cheap prices, trying to get rid of this stuff cuz it's in the way. Located in New York.
  13. I've got all harnesses if you are still looking, uncut
  14. Air dam and cowl panels are gone already, windshield is cracked, I'm in southern NY
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