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    OH NO!!!

    The data center where the site was housed on a Virtual Machine was shut down. The person who was in charge of the VM never saw the emails about migrating because it was flagged as spam and went to his junk folder. Long story short, they turned off the lights and locked the door without SQC being migrated to a new server.

    Unfortunately the most viable backup to use is from Nov. 2015 so we lost numerous posts and registered members. If you joined after that date you will need to register again.

    The new site requires you to use the email address in your profile to log into SQC and whatever password you had back in 2015. If you don’t remember your password there is a “Forgot your password?” option at the bottom of the Sign In block. If you don’t remember the email you used in your profile contact one of the Moderators for assistance or email loginhelp@starquestclub.com 

    Clearing out Taillights

    By Mystic_21,
    Well I'm sure everyone has seen the cleared taillgiths with some instructions on this page (for those who haven't) http://home.talkcity.com/SpeedwayDr/vinc1/clearlights.html Of coarse I try this and the lights melt begin to deform before the glue gets sticky enough to come close to breaking lose...  My oven must not be meant for this   :-/   I was wondering if anyone else tried this had any problems.. or if anyone has done this and would like to sell them to me..  i already have to buy at le

    Time for Brakes

    By KO,
    Yep, my 88 and 89 are about due for some brakes. I've never put brakes on Blue and I've had her for 3 years (about 13,000mi. put on it), I've had the Auto for about 8 months and have put about the same amount of miles on it! Anyways, anyone have any recommendation for brake pads? What else should I do while I'm in there? The Auto set for 2 years before I got it and I've never even bled the brakes, lol, brake light has been on ever since I put the fresh motor in, they always worked so I didn't wo

    national starquest club

    By knightbaer,
    I would like see all the starquest clubs out there get togather develope a national assoc. I think it would help those of us who travel be acclamidated by club s in the area we are visting.    I would like to know what orther people think about this.   leslie

    Eliminate Turbo Lag Idea......

    By Guest,
    Today I was talking to a guy that had a turbo small block and he came up with a way to eliminate turbo lag. Its a great idea, so I thought I would present the idea in case anyone wanted to try it. He did this and it took a lot of time off his quater mile. What he did was mounted a NOS injector in his exhaust manifold or turbo exhaust housing, and mounted it such a way that it injected into the exhaust wheel in the direction to spin it. Then he ran the lines and necessary equipment to activate

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