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  1. Hey everyone, just popped back in, Its been a LONG time. Still have my quests, Ive just been stalled out with real life stuff. I will be lurking on the forums again, hope to see you all again.
  2. You can take a soldering iron and weld the tabs back on, its is kind of crude, but it works.
  3. i have all the parts manual files, PM me your e-mails and what manual you would like. i will attach it for ya. Jeff
  4. bet you will let this honda engine in. http://www.racecar-engineering.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/uphond.jpg
  5. Does anyone have a month in mind for this. I was thinking late march or early april. we need to be thinking about alternative things to do while everyone is in town. Suggestions?
  6. Who is interested in a meet and greet get together at the world famous Beacon Drive In. Good food, Good fun, Good old heart palpitations. Just a feeler, spring 2016... Who's in!! Info http://www.beacondrivein.com/
  7. think you could pull the rims of of that 83 for me,, i would love to get them. Pm me if this is possible.
  8. Hail from SC Upstate!! Glad to see more friends close by.. I sent you a PM welcome, call me whenever for some car BS. We will need to get a get-together going so you can meet everyone around. hope to see you soon. Jeff
  9. Ill come help you tomorrow,, just let me get a few hours sleep.. texting you now.
  10. Oh YA.. Im down with a spring meet.
  11. Seen the car in person, nice car,, BUT,, 250.00 cheap paint job. was done very well, but cheap paint job. I think it should be noted.
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