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  1. Still got it had 3 people check it out in the last 2 weeks... no one has $1500 extra laying around. lol Got a guy coming tomorrow to check it out...if he doesn't buy it to Evil Bay it goes! Someone get this thing out of my garage and restore it! :D Lates!
  2. shoot me your email address I have a lot of pics. starion20g@yahoo.com Black 5 speed leather no sunroof.
  3. Going on evilbay soon! Had people check it out no one has money... lol Thanks
  4. Yes shortblock and full drivetrain, it's a complete car minus the upper end. Car is still available I had a few people come out to look at it and a few interested parties. If it doesn't sell here I'm throwing it on Ebay but I haven't yet. Thanks!
  5. Guys I am in Milwaukee WI sorry! It is a nice car I hate selling it but it's just time it's gotta go. I just want someone to take care of it, this thing means something to me. Thanks for the kind words about it.
  6. Hey yall. Ya I am considering selling it for many reasons. I wanted to offer it here before I try EBAY or the local paper. I can't afford the car to do what I want since I bought a house... I'm never going to be able to do what i want with it... it's been parked in the garage for years now...it's just not going to happen. That and really I lost a lot of desire for it. It needs someone who will appreciate it like I once did. The thing is a moneypit to me. Here's what it is. It's a full car with a built shortblock. The upper end was sold. shortblock has 5K on it. - .040 JE - lightened crank and block mods for breathing - FUSO IC and pipes - fidanza flywheel - act 2600 PP and clutchnet.com disc - 1989 tranny still shifts awesome - Poly mounts - full 3" exhaust with dynomax muffler - interior is good - body is good needs a paintjob...has some dings...a couple very small spots of rust at the wheel well area. http://img225.imageshack.us/img225/2121/p6290006adz5.jpg What do I want for it?? I was thinking $1500. You could sell the shortblock alone for half that. I won't give this away for nothing or I'll keep it. All in all this would make a very nice restorable car. I've owned it since 1991 but it's time it's gotta go now. Getting the car to you is your deal.... I just want it out of the garage. If you are serious please email me starion20g@yahoo.com and we can talk further. I will email plenty of pics pics and whatnot. As much as I wanna sell it I want someone to restore this car and enjoy it like I once did...I really mean that...I've had it 17 years now. Thank you Mike K PS yes I still rock BMX that's all I do. lol http://a705.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/119/l_8245dfb52749133713b40a95f29bbc40.gif
  7. yup! The head is sold The SDS was sold on Ebay ... Sorry Chad! Still got the Profec and the intake with injectors. Anything else I get rid of I'll post it. Make sure ya email me I'll get it quicker! Mike
  8. It's the old style with the knobs no digital readout... always worked awesome. The rest of you I will be emailing back soon! thanks
  9. http://www.starquestclub.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=63945 Why no harness for the SDS? I may be interested in it... It's all wired thru the car and if I tried to take it out that would be a disaster dude! haha
  10. I'm considering selling this haven't made any *definite* prices up. Any interest?? All of it is in great shape! - Magna intake modded by Glenn *with* 75lb injectors - just bolt it on! - $650 - sds4E needs wiring harness/sensors - $275 - Marnal race head with Tim C cam mech valves mega port job on it and adjustable cam gear - $750 - Profec B old style - $100 I'm selling this stuff off because I'm just not into cars anymore. It sits, collects dust and I don't have the $$ to make it what I want it to be. Buy a house once and you'll see! haha I could work out a deal for the SDS and the Magna intake together but I do have the SDS listed on Ebay now. The head and intake are on the motor still. better off emailing me starion20g@yahoo.com I'm more than willing to work out prices to people that will bolt this up and rip #@$% up with it! I have pics but have to dig them out! Thanks
  11. It's on it's way check your PM. Long story short my (old) boss decided to be an tail, tell me he shipped it last week on 7-17 and never did on purpose. Guy is a total prick huh? Sorry man this wasn't my fault!
  12. I think it's sold but let anyone know who is next in line. thanks...get rad...boost it..all that good schtuff!
  13. I'm contemplating selling my turbo, header and HKS WG. Less than 2000 miles on both pieces. Turbo only saw 8-12 psi and a few jolts at 18psi. Want to sell all 3 pieces together. Turbo- 60-1 TO4B .60 A/R hot side O trim .70 split tang V BAND Header - Chads SS with external WG and METALLIC POWDERCOATING HKS EXTERNAL WG - 40mm I think?? Header has a hole in the #2 port for an EGT probe. Turbo - $300 Header - $300 WG - $100 ------------ $700 plus shipping. It's all mint! Only reason I'm selling it is because I got a bunch of money to throw into the house and quite honestly I don't have the $$ to do both now! I can mod the car down the road again... It's still bolted up and I don't wanna unbolt it unless I sell it.... here's a pic... I don't wanna sell this stuff to be honest... :? http://a600.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/65/l_9bfbdabe327e9cbc5a5182dde4092a9f.jpg ^^ yeah you can have the heat shield too... Someone rock this setup for me!
  14. I need them ASAP. Hook me up yo!!
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