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  1. Anybody on FB that might have Chad's contact. Im rarely on there, if ever
  2. Still looking for a tube header. Still trying to find Chad's contact info. ptracy26... thanks, have one but not for this build. Thanks
  3. Hey buddy, How are those driver side door hinges. Let me know
  4. STs when I bought them were lime green. Still have em on my 87. Running tociko blues in front and mk1 rear struts. Yes the rear is a tad lower. Car rides stiff like you would think a race car would. I had a full set of eibachs with KYBs all built for my 86 flatty but sold them when I got a deal on some D2s. Someone is running that setup
  5. Ive got them saved from there on an old laptop but this link is better. Thanks for posting!
  6. Well, my plan was 59. Cv19 threw a wrench in that. Expressjet closed its doors in 2020 leaving me jobless. I took advantage of them though and had both my knees replaced on my last months insurance. Ha! Ive had a decent job since but just this month finally got on as a mechanic with arconic (alcoa). Im 55 now and I see guys 10-15 yrs older still working there. Sure the pay is good but damn its hot inside there. Wish me luck on my new adventure
  7. Hope you can still get me those pics . Thanks
  8. Wish I could retire. Bout 5-7 yrs till I do, depending on the economy.
  9. Drivers door hinges. If you're willing to pull off the door. Brake booster Let me know. Thanks
  10. AND... Cant find any contact info on Chad. All communication I had with him was lost when the site went down... Anybody have his info???
  11. yea went yo JDL. Not even on their anymore. I messaged them and no response. I'll have to get a hold of Chad. he modded my my MPI. Fantastic welds!!! Thanks Oh and no trash allowed... lol
  12. Looking for the few people/companies that still manufacture headers for our cars. Thanks
  13. Glad you found one. Saw this post a few days ago and took pics of mine. was paying bills and remembered your post. and here we are.
  14. Glad you got another block Kev. Hope this one works out for ya. After all these years Ive figured that things happen for a reason. Dont forget that little 1" heater hose under the dash. Ive got to do that on my 87. My wifes 86 has it done already. but that is a full off restore and still in pieces. Ive got years of pics to post up some day.
  15. Good to see you again! Congrats on getting her up and running
  16. A little late but Merry Christmas
  17. Not running the banshee. Its sitting on the bench looking at me. Been through a bunch in the last year so no work has really been done to either of my quests. Ive got it, the rockers and shims. Itll probably be up for sale. It was a piece of history I wanted.
  18. Got one without the leather covering
  19. No bearings in these. Thats the upper mounts. I know I have one front one. somewhere. Ive welded one up before that was cracked. its holding just fine. Contact me if you dont find em all and Ill look around
  20. Welcome back old man. Good to see you here again. Thanks for coming back to help
  21. yea had a 284 too. sold it after I got the banshee. it seemed like a good option at the time... Now, not too sure.
  22. Good to see all you guys on here again! Might see that banshee up on ebay.lol Thank you Kev!
  23. Well, I picked up a banshee cam, the 1.6 rollers and the shims for the valves long ago. About the same time I contacted one of our Australian friends from SQC. He was super nice and actually went to a few junk yards and found me a roller magna cam. I purchased the aussy roller rockers and have them on my wifes engine. That motor has not been run yet. I was going to use the banshee on my engine with 30 over weisco pistons and a njv head from dad. Now... Im not so sure. Im only looking to get 300- 350 hp but if I loose hp with the banshee... Might as well use the stock slapper. Thoughts...
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