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  1. Good to see you again! Congrats on getting her up and running
  2. A little late but Merry Christmas
  3. Not running the banshee. Its sitting on the bench looking at me. Been through a bunch in the last year so no work has really been done to either of my quests. Ive got it, the rockers and shims. Itll probably be up for sale. It was a piece of history I wanted.
  4. Got one without the leather covering
  5. No bearings in these. Thats the upper mounts. I know I have one front one. somewhere. Ive welded one up before that was cracked. its holding just fine. Contact me if you dont find em all and Ill look around
  6. Welcome back old man. Good to see you here again. Thanks for coming back to help
  7. yea had a 284 too. sold it after I got the banshee. it seemed like a good option at the time... Now, not too sure.
  8. Good to see all you guys on here again! Might see that banshee up on ebay.lol Thank you Kev!
  9. Well, I picked up a banshee cam, the 1.6 rollers and the shims for the valves long ago. About the same time I contacted one of our Australian friends from SQC. He was super nice and actually went to a few junk yards and found me a roller magna cam. I purchased the aussy roller rockers and have them on my wifes engine. That motor has not been run yet. I was going to use the banshee on my engine with 30 over weisco pistons and a njv head from dad. Now... Im not so sure. Im only looking to get 300- 350 hp but if I loose hp with the banshee... Might as well use the stock slapper. Thoughts...
  10. I was looking for the notes on installing the banshee cam. psu Crash, yea, just like that 68 charger I pass every week for the last 20 years.... Im gonna finish it one of these days.lol
  11. OMG... All of the topics on cams are gone....😲 Only the first discussion is there. anybody copy that by chance???
  12. So, after all the posts we've made over the years, not counting the lost years, we're all starting as newbies?
  13. Fast forward 5 years. Pandemic hits. Im declared an "essential worker" as an aircraft mechanic. Then the industry tanks. I worked for a regional airline, Expressjet. We flew for most of the majors. At our pear ee flew about 1200-1400 flights a day with our 230+ fleet of aircraft. During the pandemic, on a good day, we might have flown 60 flights. As a result, United, our exclusive major, decided to choose one of 2 regional airlines to fly for them. Also to do with depleted flights. They chose Commute Air over us, and thus we shut our doors after 25+ years of flying.
  14. Glad we're back and yes it sux about loosing 6 years. Rarely on fb so happy to see all your smiling faces
  15. still kicking. trying to figure out this "new" site on the mobile
  16. Awesome! My buddy at work has a black 07 WRX. Lots of pearl and flake in his too. But yours looks like they added more to the mix.
  17. such a sweet setup... I can only hope mine turns out half that good.
  18. So. He has a post with parts for sale. No feedback as of yet and parts are being marked as sold. I see he has a set of the Funk power steering lines for sale shipped for 120.00 never used. I PM him and ask if he could wait a week till I get paid. He says no problem but there is another member who showed interest too. "cash is king" where his words. A week goes by, I get paid, I PP him the money, and the last thing he writes to me is "will get a tracking number to you asap". That was on Oct 30. I've tried a few times to contact him through PM's and he has not responded. And I know he has been active on the site by just looking at his profile. So the last thing I have done is opened a claim with PP. He has not responded to that either. He will get one more chance through PP to respond and then I will esclate the claim. In closing.... Don't trust this guy.
  19. Happy Birthday to all the Marines on this fine day. For those who do not know, the Marine Corps came into exsistance on this day back in 1775 in a little place called Tun's Tavern in Philadelphia, PA. Please enjoy our Marine Corps Hymn https://youtu.be/KPLfGbtdlUM
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