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  1. Sorry but for some reason I can’t share the photos, it’s saying the files are too large. I can’t seem to adjust the size of the files either. If anyone is interested in pictures. Please email me at boosteddiamonds@gmail.com
  2. Most definitely will let you know as soon as they’re done. And yes they will have a uv coating for sure. Just keep up with the wax and it will be good.
  3. Looking forward to it! We finished the mold last week I think. But due to the holidays as well, we’re not able to give it as much time as we would like. So it might work out just right for us all. We plan to finish 5 sets of scoops and vents by mid January. I’ll keep you posted!
  4. Wow it’s been over a decade since I’ve been on this forum! Wasn’t very active back then anyways. But glad to see it’s still alive! As some of you know, through other social medias like FB and Instagram. That we have been working on producing composite parts for the Starquest community. As of right now, we’ve got the header panel and headlight covers made. We’re finishing up molds for the 83 hood scoop and vents, interior door trim pieces, and have been working towards making an 83 hood. So in case any of you didn’t know that these are available. They are, and here are the prices. Please feel free to reach out to us through private messages or email at BoostedDiamonds@gmail.com Header Panel $420 + shipping and fees (shipping has been between $50-$110 with insurance upto $600) Headlight Cover replacements $300 shipped + fees. *These are actual replacements for your oem headlight covers and not just a skin or layover.* Thank you to all who have supported and help make all of this possible! Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!!!
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