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Throwing project names off the wall, and seeing what sticks…

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Over the last 20 years, I’ve had 6 project cars since 2003. Two Starions, two fox body mustangs, one Fairmont, and now this Conquest. Commonly, I name every project albeit a different name from the previous one, and one that I decided “fit” the project.

One thing has remained constant though,…On the first car I commissioned a graphic artist to come up with a little decal to go with the name. The decal is kinda like my signature on the build.


This little decal shows up on all but one of the last 6, and I intend for it to be placed on the fender or somewhere on the car with the project name somehow tied to it.

The first starion was a drag car, and an absolute terror to drive, it wheel standed so hard it broke the first set of wheelie bars (partially blame that on the wheelie bars, junk design)


Yeah that’s me in my speed racer outfit back in 2003. The engine was a methanol injected 393” 2 stage nitrous combo. No good side shots as these are “pre-digital” copies, but that decal is there, among others ( look at the center emblem). This car was called Marauder because of how hard it was to handle.


On its way up right off the line… usually the front tires would get up about 4’ if I didn’t chicken out and lift.

Next car was a Conquest, even more power than the above but a much better chassis, 


This car was named Raptor before Ford came out with a pickup truck named the same. The back glass had a really mean Osprey with its wings in full flare, and Talons just getting ready to kill the mouse that found a big hunk of cheese. It was captioned “It’s my lucky day!”

ps that’s a water reservoir for the a2w intercooler, NOT a fuel cell.

This car gave way to the first of the two fox bodies, and the tornado graphic reappears:


I think I cheesed out and reused the marauder namesake, as although the car was much easier to handle despite making 1350 hp, it kept blowin junk up and pissing me off.


Last to get the decal was a street car, my favorite-“ I shoulda never sold it” project, and for the first time, the name, and the decal went together.


Which brings me to current with the starion/conquest soon to get out of my driveway, and into the garage.

Target power is 350whp. The car will get painted Audi’s Nardo Grey, which is the OG grey that every other manufacturer in the planet now offers in some variant. The Conquest namesake will disappear. I’ve said it elsewhere, for the sake of a blacked out grill, and slightly different tail lights it’s a Starion.

The problem today is the project name. Every remotely intimidating Japanese namesake is either on a car, or a motorcycle already. The car will be grey, with black trim, so,…. Kinda like a storm.

Which brings StormTrooper, ( the German blitzkreig version, not the white plastic armor wearing doofus’s working for the evil emperor)

Think of it like a sub-model….Starion stormtrooper. 
or ….Just a project nickname .

Project Storm front is another that is just rattling around..

this is all just idle thinking, something for the three of the active remaining members to talk with me about😜.

It’s just that When there’s a turbo wheezing away at 18+ psi in the project,  a decal of whirling wind just makes sense to me.

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42 minutes ago, nc_beagle said:

Your osprey comment made me think of this old gem. I can't post the picture due to size but scroll down a little on this link.


It was similar in theme, but the mouse had its back to bird and was holding a big chunk of cheese. Back in the day, I was a big ford guy, and the blue CQ had a twin turbo 363 ford engine in it. the mouse was a Chevrolet reference.



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Stormfront has a nice ring to it and also plays on the turbo whistle. Apparently I need to get more creative. Maybe I'll come up with a name for the Valencia car one day. 

My Starion was given the name Christine by an ex shortly after purchase because she was sure it had a mind of it's own and wanted to kill her. Mostly due to the trashed steering box, but a little to do with how I drove it too 😄

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7 hours ago, GoldStar said:

Friendly warning; I suggest doing a quick google search on your project name before committing. Project "Stormfront" might bring you some, uh, unwanted attention.

wow! Thanks for that! The last thing I need is to have a build thread associated with a neo-nazi hate group.

It also was a Billy Joel album…,I wonder how that’s going for him..

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