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  1. Maybe it’s because I’m not looking in the right places, and I know I can custom order a set of wheels to fit the weird/quirky offset/backspacing limitations that the car forces on me, but who has had any luck finding an under 1000.00 set of 17” wheels for this car? the fronts at 16x7 have 5” of backspacing, and the 8” rears have 4.25” of backspacing. There are plenty of 17x8 wheels out there that have 4.5” of BS, and if I had to, I could make up for that with a 1/4” spacer, but the fronts…..The 7” wheels out there measure 4” back spaced. ( I’d have to either: A. run the 8” wheels up front w/a 1/2” spacer, or B: run the 7 with a 1” wheel spacer to maintain the correct wheel stagger. a 1/2-1” wheel spacer seems sketchy to me since I’ve never used one before. thoughts?
  2. wow! Thanks for that! The last thing I need is to have a build thread associated with a neo-nazi hate group. It also was a Billy Joel album…,I wonder how that’s going for him..
  3. Every picture I’ve tried to drag in gets blocked due to file size. I have to get it hosted through Photobucket.
  4. Well we could all lament, and wish for the good ole days. or… The remaining active participation here could come up with a plan to bring the FB one liners back into the fold. Facebook is monotonous. To sit for hours sifting through the “look what I bought/got/did” posts that disappear the next day is mind numbing. I will not add “s***” to my story. Nobody reads “ My Story”. ( Who wants to read a FB story from a 67 year old guy modifying an obscure, obsolete, car that doesn’t have either an LS or a 2jz smoking the tires at 60 mph on reels anyway?”)🤓 I blame F&F , and everyone of the stupid sss sequels that came after it as partly to blame. The rest on social media itself. When you go out to a restaurant or a club, and watch couples who have their face planted in the phone, or see entire groups that are separately looking for something “ funny” to share for the sake of filling the void that talking used to fill, it’s no wonder there isn’t anybody here anymore. So, then…… What to do? I’d imagine Site management can actively invite FB groups back to this site as a no BS solution to what’s typical there. The freakin ads that plague every single search or post here need to disappear too. But that takes work from admin and sacrifice ( ad money sacrifice). Not likely.
  5. Over the last 20 years, I’ve had 6 project cars since 2003. Two Starions, two fox body mustangs, one Fairmont, and now this Conquest. Commonly, I name every project albeit a different name from the previous one, and one that I decided “fit” the project. One thing has remained constant though,…On the first car I commissioned a graphic artist to come up with a little decal to go with the name. The decal is kinda like my signature on the build. This little decal shows up on all but one of the last 6, and I intend for it to be placed on the fender or somewhere on the car with the project name somehow tied to it. The first starion was a drag car, and an absolute terror to drive, it wheel standed so hard it broke the first set of wheelie bars (partially blame that on the wheelie bars, junk design) Yeah that’s me in my speed racer outfit back in 2003. The engine was a methanol injected 393” 2 stage nitrous combo. No good side shots as these are “pre-digital” copies, but that decal is there, among others ( look at the center emblem). This car was called Marauder because of how hard it was to handle. On its way up right off the line… usually the front tires would get up about 4’ if I didn’t chicken out and lift. Next car was a Conquest, even more power than the above but a much better chassis, This car was named Raptor before Ford came out with a pickup truck named the same. The back glass had a really mean Osprey with its wings in full flare, and Talons just getting ready to kill the mouse that found a big hunk of cheese. It was captioned “It’s my lucky day!” ps that’s a water reservoir for the a2w intercooler, NOT a fuel cell. This car gave way to the first of the two fox bodies, and the tornado graphic reappears: I think I cheesed out and reused the marauder namesake, as although the car was much easier to handle despite making 1350 hp, it kept blowin junk up and pissing me off. Last to get the decal was a street car, my favorite-“ I shoulda never sold it” project, and for the first time, the name, and the decal went together. Which brings me to current with the starion/conquest soon to get out of my driveway, and into the garage. Target power is 350whp. The car will get painted Audi’s Nardo Grey, which is the OG grey that every other manufacturer in the planet now offers in some variant. The Conquest namesake will disappear. I’ve said it elsewhere, for the sake of a blacked out grill, and slightly different tail lights it’s a Starion. The problem today is the project name. Every remotely intimidating Japanese namesake is either on a car, or a motorcycle already. The car will be grey, with black trim, so,…. Kinda like a storm. Which brings StormTrooper, ( the German blitzkreig version, not the white plastic armor wearing doofus’s working for the evil emperor) Think of it like a sub-model….Starion stormtrooper. or ….Just a project nickname . Project Storm front is another that is just rattling around.. this is all just idle thinking, something for the three of the active remaining members to talk with me about😜. It’s just that When there’s a turbo wheezing away at 18+ psi in the project, a decal of whirling wind just makes sense to me.
  6. The rack will be here Friday. After I confirm tie rod thread pitch, I’ll buy a bumpsteer kit that uses rod ends instead of tie rod ends and spacers. i just need to get the Damn corvette done and into the hands of the purchaser so I can get it out of my space, and the CQ will move forward at warp speed.
  7. Yes. Since I don’t have that anymore, and am using an aftermarket unit for that purpose, I’ll just cut that thing off and plug it.
  8. I know the one is the dipstick tube, but what is the other one for? Nothing left stock on the engine anymore, no EGR, barely a charcoal canister fuel tank vent, no Rear ABS, no MAF, no cruise control,…….seems like I’m plugging that thing.
  9. I know this is going on 6 months dead, but what is more “ modern” than the newest mega squirt ms3 pro series? I bought the MS3 pro mini a few months ago for 650 nib from them direct. It does way more than I intend to use it for. It has numerous input/outputs, fully sealed against moisture and can be engine bay mounted, and literally does anything you’ll need/want to include full sequential fueling and ignition on a 4 cyl engine w/a built in 4 bar map sensor, w/built in SD card datalogging. https://www.diyautotune.com/product/the-ms3pro-mini-ecu-only/
  10. It appears that the 1978 dodge charger came with a manual rear steer rack and pinion setup. it’s cheap. I paid 103.00 including shipping to get the thing shipped to my door. The plan is to replace the PS, and all of its related menagerie of lines/linkage and hoses in the CQ with this rack, not to mention eliminating another belt driven accessory off of the front end and the engine itself. The last time I put a rear steer rack in one of these cars was 2007, and I spent several hours tweaking the tie rod end spacing until I got the bump steer to almost non-existent, so I’m confident that I’ll be able to make it work. Just wanted to share a tidbit, always a good thing when you can find something so freakin’ cheap that “ fixes” so many potential issues.
  11. I’m looking for just the shroud or surround I don’t need the gauges or the switches. If anyone can help let me know.
  12. I’m stuck with a fresh LS4/4l60 that I converted to RWD. I was thinking that I may be better able to sell the fresh 4g54 than an engine that was originally fitted sideways in a 2006 MonteCarlo.
  13. I’m in a mess. I have a fresh un assembled engine that I could sell. The block has been bored +.020 and decked . There are brand new +.020 Wiseco pistons and rings, rod and main bearings. New, mechanical non-jet head has been modified at the head bolt bosses w/hardened washer inserts for the ARP head studs. Rods are resized, and fitted with ARP bolts. Entire recip assy has been balanced. If anyone is interested in this, I am in Alabama. I currently have another project vehicle w/a 5.3 LS and a 4l60e that could go in if I move the 2.6. Let me know if interested.
  14. I have, in both of the previous CQ/Starion cars that I had way back when. But they were both drag cars, and both had ladder bar suspensions,….not exactly what you’d ever want on a street car that you’d expect to take out on a set of twisty-windies on a Sunday drive. I did blow a half shaft on the one drag car before coming to terms w/ replacing the factory rear end back then, but in the current cars case, a set of drag radials, 500 ft/lbs of torque, and a prepped starting line are not in the plans this time though.
  15. Since my engine is out, and that fuel filter is just staring at me, I removed the thing in preparation for an engine compartment clean and detail. The question is do I reinstall this thing or replace it w/some aftermarket option when reassembly time comes? If it’s up to task, I’ll just get a -6 banjo adapter fitting for the outlet, and plumb my fuel rail from the filter. If it isn’t worth keeping, or is some kind of choke point, I’ll replace it at the hard line threaded fitting w/a inverted flare/-6 adapter and plumb to a standard inline -6/8 10-40 micron filter instead.
  16. Rather than be in 5-7 different places, I guess I’ll just land here and start a progress thread. Just so we’re all on the same page, the engine is out, and at the machine shop. A new non jet head, 57mm t3/t4 chinee turbo, chinee stainless exhaust manifold, chinee 38mm ext waste gate, and a chinee 50mm BOV, innovate wide band, Megasquirt MS3 pro mini, and a cx racing a2a inter cooler have been sitting waiting for their big moment. The engine will get bored .020, and upgraded to wiseco forged pistons the head gets studs, ( with the little bolt boss hardened inserts added) and a Ajusa mls style Hg. The rods will get the bolts upgraded and the recip assy balanced. All of the engine junk just hit my front porch today. I’ll get it to my machinist on Monday. (Thanks @Dad for the speedy turn on my order) Today I rattle canned the driver side fender. It looks like crap. Both fenders were rusted at the base, and it was one of the first fixes I took on. The passenger side is passable given the I only had to paint from the lower fender down, but the driver side fender blew off the work stand, and got trashed when it hit the ground. That forced me to attempt a whole fender repaint using a couple of premixed Palermo Grey rattle cans. ( I knew better. I always know better, for some reason, that never seems to sink in) The fender is blotchy, tiger striped and incredibly bad looking. ( well, except for the rust, that isn’t there anymore.) This is the “ good” fender after the repair, and rattle can from the TSI down. Had the other side not hit the ground, I’d be pretty happy with both sides given that the factory finish is showing its age. Today I got up early to beat the heat, the fender was about as prepped as I could get it. I had two full cans to spray on the fender, and there actually was enough paint to do it…. But it’s a rattle can spraying heavy metallic paint. Like I said… I shoulda known better….., Im not showing you the end result. The other project waiting on completion status is my DIY conversion of the factory intake to MPI. I spent all day today after the fender fiasco trying to get that thing to a “ done” status. That will also have to wait till another day. Just imagine cutting the center out where the old, tiny throttle body was, and welding in a 4” diameter, .125 wall section of tubing in place. Cutting the old water channel away that ran under the intake, and re-routing that water via a -10 hose from the T-stat housing under the intake, no longer adding that heat to the intake charge. What once was a teeny little TBI TB, is now a 65mm TB oriented straight up like its predecessor, with 4- 60 lb/hr LS injectors mounted independently in alternating angles that make a standard fuel rail impossible to engineer. Got that? Now you’ll know why it’s taking so freaking long.
  17. Shhhhh!!!🤫 She doesn’t even know the engines’ out. I suspect she’ll know that the cat is out of the bag when she catches me in the driveway with a swinging engine.🤕 I just put the Corvette project on marketplace for an absolutely bloody loss. If I can sell that thing, it’ll completely pay off the Starion, ( I’m not calling it a conquest, we all know Chrysler had nothing to do with this car)…Then the steel car will go where the fiberglass one was, and she’ll never know what kind of mad scientist in a secret laboratory junk I’m involved with…😈
  18. Pistons, rings, bearings, rod bolts, and the gaskets are all on the way from Dad. The new head is here, the washer inserts are here, everything is getting ready to happen.
  19. Machine shop confirmed that there is nothing wrong with that cylinder. ( That means the engine was pulled for no other reason than a good cleaning and surfacing, and new rings and bearings.) But at this juncture, that isn’t going to be the only thing I do to the engine. I Also confirmed that a .020 overbore will completely clean up the bores, so I purchased the +.020 wiseco pistons from Dad, along with a scad of other stuff to try and keep the engine alive when I start putting my foot in it. The head arrived today, It might have the proper exhaust valve in it. (At least a magnet won’t stick to it…. If it’s any better than any other exhaust valve based on that, IDK.) Hopefully the machine shop won’t drag butt here, and I’ll have everything back together and running in a month.
  20. So I buy the head and I thought the listing was worth sharing. *As per their description: “YES EVERYTHING IS NEW THE HEAD CASTING, CAM, THE VALVES, THE SPRINGS, THE RETAINERS , THE ROCKER SHAFTS , THE ROCKERS AND LIFTERS EVERYTHING..... THIS IS THE Mechanical VERSION. WE ONLY SELL THE NON JET VALVE VERSION CYLINDER HEAD WHICH FITS STARION CONQUEST MONTERO RAIDER D50/RAM OR MAZDA 2600. THIS IS NOT THE chrysler factory HEAD. THIS HEAD IS MADE OF A FAR BETTER ALLOY, HAS EXTRA COOLING PASSAGES, AND IS THICKER AND STRONGER IN ALL THE CRITICAL AREAS. FITS YEARS 1981 TO 1986.” When was it ever a Chrysler factory head?🤪 They claimed to have several in stock, and are located one day ship time from me, But when I get the purchase confirmation, ship time is guesstimated to be 2-3 weeks. I write the guy: ”Good afternoon. I purchased this head from you yesterday. Looking over the shipping turn times, you are stating that the head will take 2 to 3 weeks to deliver, but the ad listing states that several are in stock. Wondering as to why the delay. Secondly the head is listed as being model correct for the Starion. Are the exhaust valves the correct valves w/regard to their heat tolerance rating? Thanks. I appreciate you.” Mike He replies quickly: New message from: odessa*cylinderhead (15,687) SHIPPING TONIGHT But……what about question#2….? I ask him again about the valves in another email. To which he replies; BRAND NEW HEAVY DUTY. what the hell does that mean other than they are brand new? Does heavy duty mean it’s the right valve for the turbocharged version of this engine? These guys are supposed to be a cylinder head shop only. You’d think I’d get a more intelligent answer than brand new, heavy duty.
  21. Thanks Dad. ( Kinda weird referring to you as Dad when you’re younger than me.🤔). Nonetheless, I have those pistons and a bunch of other stuff in a cart waiting on the machine shop. Should know something today.
  22. Thanks everyone. My pump shows no visible wear on the initial inspection. I’ll clean it up and get my magnifying headset on and look closer when everything is clean.
  23. Uhhhh.. I’m way passed that. The entire engine is pulled, apart, and at the machine shop waiting on their diagnosis of a suspect cylinder. The “old” head is now waiting on the new non-jet head that will be here tomorrow. When that gets here, I’ll take it to the shop and have those inserts installed, and ck or replace the exhaust valves if they are not properly heat treated to withstand the heat of a turbo application. My fairly radical DIY conversion of the factory intake to MPI/bigger throttle body is just about done. And both fenders are close to done, or done, with one actually on, and the one that hit the ground ready for paint now that the paint has finally arrived.
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