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Something going on in the fuel system....

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Hi. So.... everything was working fine until is was not.   I have been driving the car on and off since my dad gave it to me about 6 months ago.  Its been doing something strange.  Acceleration is crap now.. on and off.... I think it has something to do with temp but not sure.  When turbo boost gets to just above 0 it has no power.... feels like not enough gas getting to cylinders.  I was wondering if anyone knows where I might find a checker for this relic.... some way to check systems....   I am totally new to this car so any help would be appreciated.... thanks 

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Start simple.  Did you recently pull off the OVCP or any of the inter cooler hoses?   If so, make sure you have all the hose clamps tight.  Specifically the one going to the throttle body.   I do this all of the time.  The vacuum sucks it in and runs fine but as soon as it goes to boost, it blows out.  If you don’t have the OVCP bolt in at the turbo, it will blow the pipe right off and shut it all down but if the bolt is in, it does as you describe.  

start there and let us know the outcome 

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There is a device called an ECI Checker that plugs into multiple parts of the ECU/Harness, hard to find now. Personally, I don't see it being too useful here.

The car has a primitive code reader in the glove box, attach a current tester to some prongs in the top of it, and it'll output dashes that correspond to error codes.

If you think it's leaning out, hook an AFR gauge to it. Vacuum advance is a diaphragm and when a hole is made in it, it's gone. Fuel pumps also like to go bad. I currently am fighting something in the same vein, but its likely to be a fuel injector. Lot of that stuff is still available thankfully.

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