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Running an 86 without the M.A.S. ???

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Posted 07 December 2004 - 07:59 PM

Well I had it unplugged for awhile and yesterday worked a 13 hour shift and car died first start, rpm's went up to 1300 and then just died!?!  Then I tried again and warmed up normally.  On the way home car hesistated everytime in first.

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Posted 07 December 2004 - 08:01 PM

Imma try again but reset the ecu after it's unplugged and see what happens...

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Posted 29 April 2005 - 11:29 PM

Will a Fuel Cut Defencer prevent the hiccup on take off with the MAS not hooked up? I thought someone said that above.....

Also, will an 85 Starion ES have the same characteristics as the MAS-less 86?  Will it run without or not?  I have a project 85 starion right now and im wondering if I can play "Monkey See, Monkey Do" with the 86's.  Thanks.

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Posted 02 June 2005 - 10:44 PM

for those interested, this is what my 86 i/c is running now:

ngk plugs at 42
dsm bov
new 4 wire 02, same as used in a 90 na dsm 2.0
stock timing adjustment
3" exhaust
no MAS, it was even removed from the can
autometer a/f and boost gauges
turbo timer, I think it's a HKS clone
stock fuel system but with one "J" injector replaced with a "L" (87-89 primary) and these injectors all were just cleaned and flow tested last week
Tim Cs monster banshee cam
roller rockers
schneider valve springs
masterblaster 2 coil
stock boost
and this is on the mid grade gas, NOT premium  biggrin.gif

side effects: little delay until it runs for a couple minutes on the hesitation part when pushing the gas pedal but that's about it but this is primarily a stop to first gear roll and goes away after you shift from 1st, it is not noticed at all after you are rolling.

Pushing 30mpg on the highway. the hesitation goes away after the car is warmed up except unless you purposely floor it from idle but you can mash pretty quick without the hesitation you just have to get used to it,  runs one bar into lean sometimes to middle stoich on cruising and goes two bars into rich under boost all the way to 9.5-10psi and doesn't hit any fuel cut -what that is I don't know will find that out soon.  If both the "J" injectors are left in, the car runs 3 to 4 bars rich (green) under boost and cruises in the rich state as well (this is bad).  Swapping out one injector for a smaller primary solved that problem, the side effect to this is a harder start especially when warm, might have to roll over say 10 times compared to 2 on a cold start.  An A/F gauge should be used when playing with an 86 doing this, you might feel "ok" running this same setup with the 2 "j"s but with one "J" and one "L" there is a significant power gain when you aren't pouring the gas in and the car pulls into 6500rpms without any misses, have yet to try to go further that is enough (for me).  This is on the 89 engine with apx. 105k miles all stock internals from the cnm car and this is the car that previously had the 16G with 3" exhaust that the dyno run is posted somewhere on here.  By the way, that car after the injectors were cleaned, the 02 connected (cause cnm had used the wrong wire and the 02 wasn't even doing anything) it ran much better than when he did that dyno run and I did confirm it did have a 16G as I had been told by Tim Brooks that it was only a 14G but I had paid for a 16G, this is just another example of the lies/errors that came from what was called CNM Motorsports.  Changing the spark plug gap from 35 to 42 also helped, we tried 38  but still had a miss but that was with the two "J" injectors.  Car still not tried with >10psi, on a few times when it did feel like a fuel cut with the 16G, most times it would just hickup and pull right through it and just keep going but this was with what we think was a dead wastegate, a new wastegate went on today and that problem went bye bye.  Since the A/F ratio is good, about perfect imo at this point I can't see trying a 1G mas and the wiring mod at least on this ecu.  If it is running into stoich when we up the boost then we can just put the other "J" injector back in.

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