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  1. You’re right, I didn’t 😆 I just couldn’t stay away! Lol
  2. Thank you! I absolutely love this thing! It’s been a great car. Eventually I’d like to have it reshot the same color with a few light modifications to the paint code to give it more depth, but all in all I’m happy with it- Now I just need to mod the Magna MPi manifold I’ve had for like, 5yrs. 😩
  3. Yes, That would be awesome! And thank you!
  4. Thanks- the color grew on me for sure, it’s definitely different. First time I’ve ever had a Palermo gray car. My Aunt’s Quest was red and my previous Starion was black.
  5. Hello everyone. So I’m a old member, but I haven’t been on in a long time. I wasn’t able to reactivate my account. My old name on here was 1rst Gear. I had an 88’ Starion ESi-R previously, and that car eventually wound up with a friend. I wasn’t Starion-less for long though. About 3yrs later I bought my 87’ Conquest TSi. I’ve had it for about 6yrs and kind of stayed to myself. Now it’s time to comeback to Starquest club. I tossed a photo of the Quest in so y’all can see one of 12 money pits I have- 😆
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