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  1. Damn Britt. Hate to hear about your team. Wish you the best...Good looking oven no matter what though.
  2. lol Jeff. I meant for this event. Top car was a 14 twin turbo mustang with 910 hp. Lots of 650-750hp cars vettes/stangs/etc. I'm just using a SAFC2 for tuning. I don't really know the answers to those questions as I've never logged it.
  3. 20-21 psi. Its a Borg Warner S362
  4. Exhaust is out the front fender. Its a crowd pleaser but I can't say that its my favorite setup. You shut you mouth Tye.... http://i564.photobucket.com/albums/ss85/bohocst/Starion_zpsao7gwos2.jpg
  5. Pretty proud of the ole POS. Sadly I wasn't even in the top 20 though. LOL http://i564.photobucket.com/albums/ss85/bohocst/Dyno_zpsuzbqge3d.jpg http://i564.photobucket.com/albums/ss85/bohocst/Dyno2_zpsllbscahr.jpg
  6. Whats your hp goals? Whats trans setup?
  7. I'm still gonna get in on this. Just had a baby shower that cost 5X what the gifts were worth. (MY FAULT!) lol... I'll send payment this week.
  8. Hope you had a good one Randy.
  9. Neither are really available. Most of us that have more than stock hp keep a couple lying around just in case. What are your intentions with the car?
  10. I'm just worried its going to look like a hot wheels car. Not trying to be offensive at all. Really love the build.
  11. I like my turboxs type H. It just sounds like a rush of air. No whistle, no squeak, no bark...Its really the only sound I like on the old bov.
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