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  1. Got torque tube bushings and diff mounts from them. Awesome quality on both products. Great communication. Thank you guys for making parts otherwise NLA anywhere else. It's guys like you that help keep these cars on the road.
  2. My conquest I just bought new diff mounts and torque tube bushings from GNT. Long overdue as one was about shot. After I finish that this week that's it for her this winter. But I'm going to start hot rodding a 73 jeep wagoneer. Got a 5.7 hemi going in. Gotta go get a ford crown vic IFS out of the junk yard to throw under it and all the other things that go along with swaps. That's where my Christmas money is going this winter
  3. Just want to take the time to thank all who have served or are serving. You are the reason we get to have our freedom and have these cars as a hobby! Haha. Anyway thank you guys and girls for all you sacrifice for us!
  4. I love my LS1, but if I could've afforded it at the time I would have loved to put a 6.1 hemi in. I don't regret my choice at all as its reliable power for cheap and I've had a blast the past 3 years I've had it in. But the LS based motors now are kinda old news and people are getting tired of seeing them in everything. As for rear ends, depends on how much power. I'm still running my stock IRS setup and launch hard with e/t streets. I'm putting down a mild 365whp
  5. Clean for sure. Especially under the hood. If it wasn't red snd I had that kind of cash, I'd consider picking that one up. It's better to pay more for s clean one to start out with than get a turd and end up spending more to get where this one is already
  6. http://i1371.photobucket.com/albums/ag290/406conquest/12108121_1091663334179033_4555160904145250281_n_zps0valzvyu.jpg
  7. UPDATE TO FIRST POST... I was refunded my money and everything is cool. Ignore the first comment
  8. Bought some tail lights from him. Told me it was going to cost $55 to ship to me which I thought was a little steep. But I paid it because I was on desperate need of some lights in good condition. Well i received the lights. They were packaged good but noticed it only cost $28.40 to ship. Well i text him to see if i could get $26 of my money back that I got charged extra and he's ignored me ever since. So apparently he wanted to make a little extra cash off me in a sneaky way
  9. Shelby you should look for cheap small engine machinery like that, that don't run and make that your hobby of fixing and selling. That's what I plan to do down the road when I retire to keep busy. Maybe make a couple bucks along the way. You'd be surprised what you can find in and around dumpsters even nowadays.
  10. I know the ones for the front would probably rub on the inside on the D2s on my car. I put 17x9 with +15 offset and they are really close to rubbing. Also 10" on the front might poke out a little bit
  11. I'm sorry to bug you about something other than what you have listed here but do you have any standard starion tail lights in good shape you'd sell?
  12. Can't go wrong with an LS motor that has low miles or high mileage that has been well maintained. They will take daily abuse and you can get parts at any auto parts stores snd the prices for them have come way down the last couple of years. Plus it will roast the rear tires and get good gas mileage. Also the jeep inline 6 4.0 is my second choice
  13. I think I see the part that goes in front of center console that the shifter comes up through (don't know what it's called) also the piece that screws into that that the radio goes into. How much for both those pieces shipped to 61111? Also might be interested in a/c condenser (and also any a/c lines if you have them) and the heater core if it's a known good one that doesn't leak thanks!
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