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  1. its out! thanks everyone who commneted and shared their opinions. ONE last questions, what is the size and specs of the transmission bell housing bolts for putting the engine on the stand?
  2. can anyone tell me where to connect the chain to hoist the engine out asap? there are 2 brackets that seem right that are on the back of the block by the intake manifold and a bracket by the number 1 spark plug are these correct?
  3. i think im just going to leave the trans in the car
  4. Thanks guys! make me feel a lot better about this
  5. Any tips or just anything to watch out for when pulling these engines? Any comments can help Thanks
  6. Does anyone still make MPI manifolds? Or can anyone give me a rough estimate on what a manifold would cost to make? Just trying to gauge prices or if anyone has one they would sell Thanks!
  7. i would buy as much used stuff as i can but i budgeted about 2000-2500, would it be smart to buy stuff slowly or try to get as much as i can in one go? i would slowly buy stuff over winter if thatd be a good idea
  8. what kind of price is needed to do mpi? i know it is not cheap thats why until i can get there to just crack the 100 mph with what i have
  9. i couldnt find the right rpm to leave on it would either shake and bounce or bog for a sec and then pick up and boost, and shifting at 5500
  10. what about a t3 adapter plate and bigger turbo keeping stock manifold? i do plan to go mpi when i can afford it, I like the idea of nos though but at the same time i think thats a scary thing to get into... I shouldve clarified too he was racing me in his camaro not running my car my bad
  11. i dont have enough $$$$ right now to do mpi unfortunately
  12. So I went to the track last night and my best run was a 15.2 at 94mph (did not have any slicks) while my brother ran a 14.1 at 98mph im wondering if you guys could tell me what you think the best way to get to that 100mph and under 14 sec quarter mile. I've done to my car. -All emission delete -Maf translator -3in exhaust -14lb on stock turbo Whatever you guys can think of that'll give me the most bang for my buck let me know! Thanks!
  13. I took my distributor out of the car and forgot to mark the tooth to go back in correctly so now im lost and the car wont start , never done timing before so if someone could list steps and be very detailed or send a link to a thread on here (I looked but didn't really see one), also what mark to you use to le up TDC? the slash on the pulley that is close to the numbers for the timing or is it the row of 3 circles on the front of the pulley? this would help me out a lot as im trying to get the car ready for racing tomorrow but as of now it doesn't run THANKS
  14. Would like a full set but mainly needing a OVC with blow off valve flange doesn't need to have one on it, any color works Let me know what you have Thanks!
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