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  1. ohh ya, check that as well, same happened to my brake switch
  2. Might be vacuum lines or vacuum related. Sometimes the line running to the pump in the front of the radiator (drivers side) rots out. Could be the diaphragm in the module.
  3. The loop is effectively the cooler. Seems like it was plenty enough to get by. I'd assume the sub condenser is due to extra heat from condenser, but I don't know, never had an in auto
  4. No, the knock sensor is piezo electric if I remember correctly. It wouldn't have any downstream effects like destroying your igniter or distributor
  5. Before you take them apart, check for continuity and bridge the terminals to make the motor go up/down. I'd rather see you make sure the switch is buggered by non-destructive means first. Not that you will destroy it, but I've noticed this old plastic is pretty fragile
  6. I relocated the battery to do mine. I come through where my washer bottle was and up to the intake. I converted over to mpi though
  7. 1.5" Btw, I found an OEM clamp laying around at a dealership even though it's 'NLA'
  8. Some of these inserts require spacers. Could just use some large washers
  9. 86 has two injectors of the same size. No vacuum leaks. Prior thread (not running out of nowhere) I made mention of fuel pressure is ok, injectors are good, compression is good, no vacuum leaks, new coil, good igniter, new vac advance, new plugs, new wires, new cap, new rotor. Timing is all good. It's just an odd spot in 2000-3000 rpm. Maybe I'll unplug the maf and try.
  10. If it's anything like the coilovers quality, I'd pass on it
  11. Curious if anyone one has any idea at 2000-3000 rpm in any gear as soon as I hit 0 psi I get popping and the car falls on its face. If I get to 3000 rpm while in vacuum, she runs fine in positive boost pressure.
  12. Ya, I'm gonna have to learn to weld and buy some kit to do so
  13. tux

    86 no start

    Ah farts, a new issue to fix. Revs hang now after blipping the throttle.
  14. Oh yeah, those clamp to the body of the rack and bolt to subframe. I can't clamp to the subframe though
  15. tux

    86 no start

    Fixed it. Ultimately, I wasted a bunch of time. Problem #1 injector was dead/stuck open Problem #2 spark plugs bad (even though they sparked and I cleaned them up? Fix #1 - - 2x m6x25 bolts for top hat, - 2x m6x12 spacers2 - 2x Lucas INJ-01D142B (850cc trilogy branded) Fix #2 - New NGK 5553 plugs Not the problem/time wasters for me - adjusting mechanical lifters -checking timing visually -fuel pump -compression test -igniters -gnition coil -coolant temp sensor -plug wires -cap/rotor -hussin' n cussin'
  16. Trust, but verify. Make sure it's bad before throwing money at it
  17. I don't know the tubing wall thickness, at least not without drilling it to take a measurement.
  18. Had a car once that died when turning left. Was fuel pump ground.
  19. tux

    86 no start

    Lol. She won't get involved in it. Wants it running, wants it gone, gives me little spare time.
  20. tux

    86 no start

    I've manually set timing according to FSM, mechanically. I need to find a helper (hard to do these days) for trying to do it with a light while it won't start.
  21. tux

    86 no start

    Yep, checked one at a time with my phone recording into the TB while cranking. I pulled the plugs and they are kind of wet. I'll replace them and see if it helps in a few days when they arrive. while they are out, did a quick compression test and got 130-135 in each cylinder. Coolant test sensor tests good. After cranking a while it will almost start. Frustrating... Wife is on my butt to get it started and sell this one along with my bike to cover her taxes O.o
  22. Breaking news Mitsubishi will be trying to reboot their brand by bringing back the starion and 3000gt as a pickup and minivan, respectively
  23. tux

    86 no start

    Pretty sure. Part number comes up as 850cc/min. I have tried ether.
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