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  1. Thanks Steve, and I am looking foward to the revival! Also certainly been eyeballing a bunch of items on Starquestparts. -Ron
  2. nc_beagle - That's awesome, and you're definitely close! I wish you luck on your Conquest's revival as well and welcome meeting up sometime. Yours is certainly better shape judging from the pics I saw in one of your previous posts from January. Love that Fiji Blue color!
  3. Thanks everyone, and I appreciate the warm welcome! psu_Crash - I was hoping I'd find someone here who went and looked at the car as well! There is for sure going to be some time and money going into this one. I have been finding more and more items that need addressing (stuck right rear brake, a passenger-side rust hole on the frame (picture below), and I also figured the hood struts were the culprit with the binding. Oh yes, and the car is currently infested with ants). On the brightside, the pop-up lights actuate...so there's that! I'll take some time to inventory the spare parts, then start sourcing what I may need online (eBay and StarQuestParts seem to be well stocked). I may need to stem the rust issue before doing much else, so priority is to get it streetable, then get it over to a body shop. It certainly looks like a car that has passed through many inexperienced hands, shortcutting where possible, and disregarding the long-term consequences. Reminds me of me 20 years ago. For some reason I'm drawn to this car in particular, and intend to approach this restomod effort hopefully from a much more mature and patient standpoint. For sure hit me up, time permitting, the next time you're in Charlotte! And thanks again for sharing your observations on the details of the car from your visit.
  4. Like a few members here, I'm new to the Starion/Conquest, but not new to cars (former DSM'er, 1st and 2nd gen, and a Suby). I always had an eye on the Conquest Tsi and after 10+ years of being out of the car scene, I have finally made my way back in. I picked up a white 1988 Conquest Tsi from a former Starquest Club member in TN - blasted 80's music all the way back home. It's in decent shape considering that it has been sitting for quite awhile. Stock engine/turbo, but has some bolt-on's like an aftermarket air intake, IC piping, exhaust, and larger FMIC). The former owner also informed me of some "rare" items on the car including an '83 hood, as well as others that are still in the truckload of parts I got from him too. Cranks and runs enough to put it on the trailer and back off again, but will need some work to get it on the street (oil seeping aft of the motor, power steering badly whining and choppy, clutch pedal is almost wanting to stick to the floor, and there is what appears to be a sticking brake as it won't roll freely in neutral). My plan is to get it mechanically sound/tight and revamp the interior, then off to the body shop for some patching and paint. Looking forward to this project, and also being a part of this community! If anyone is in the Charlotte area, then come on by!
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