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  1. I’m planning on it. My work schedule may hinder me. But I’ve been the last 4 years in a row and now that my car is ready….of course the work schedule is up in the air.
  2. So I made an intro video for the Conquest with a background on how I bought the car. Hope I wasn’t too long winded. But this was my first experience editing. Did all this on my cheap iphone8 using iMovie.
  3. And I need to remove these valve covers and get them repainted or powdercoated. Some brake fluid dripped on them as you can see the spots...
  4. Check out the 3 hood options... Option #1--83 Hood w/ Carbon Fiber inserts Option #2--83 Hood w/ Regular Center vent and Carbon Fiber side vents Option #3--Custom Cowl Hood w/ vents in the back
  5. He explained the whole process to me and I didn’t retain it…what I got from it….He used an aggressive pad and compound for the cut and did the whole car, which consumed multiples of these certain pads…. Then he went back and polished the entire car using a finer pad w/ a polish, and consumed multiples of these certain pads…
  6. Full cut/polish completed…. I’m surprised at how good the old paint looks now. I’m very happy with the results.
  7. I had a guy stop by yesterday to give me a quote on a cut/polish of the paint. The car has original 35yo silver paint everywhere except the front end. (hood/header panel/headlights/bumper/airdam) He did a test area and it looked pretty good. Still had some deep scratches (tested the fender area). So he's coming back this Saturday to do the full car. Hopefully it comes out nicer. And then I can get it out and take a few pictures. I haven't taken any real outdoor photos since 2017 (when it blew headgasket at the drag strip). Feels good that I can focus on appearance a little now. Rather than drive-ability...
  8. MAS part #E5T01171/MD103865 Comes how you see. With a new K&N Filter. $200 shipped to lower 48. https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/r38AAOSwIaBj1cU7/s-l1600.jpg https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/9~QAAOSwORNj1cU9/s-l1600.jpg https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/LKUAAOSwLEdj1cU-/s-l1600.jpg https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/2oUAAOSwjVhj1cVC/s-l1600.jpg
  9. And here it is with the CARBON FIBER vents installed:
  10. Last month, I had picked up some 83 hood CF vents made by Janner Misenas on Facebook (Boosted Diamonds)..I didn't even have a 83 hood, but I just thought they were super cool and I'd just find one eventually so I could use the CF vents. I always preferred the cowl hood, and I've found/sold around 5 83 hoods over the years, because I never planned on using one. But after seeing these CF vents, I had to find one now. So I reached out to FRO here on the forums (Jeff) who is local to me (45min away)...I knew he had a damaged 83 hood from a poor shipment over 12 years ago. So we worked out a price for the damaged hood, and I dropped the hood off at my cousin's shop who does paint. Here it is repaired and fully restored:
  11. Here left and right side I took quickly last night because I was asking a guy about a paint correction (which may not be possible on this old tired paint) I had the rear bumper, front bumper, hood, headpanel, headlight covers all painted in 2017....so thats fresh...But the rest of the car looks pretty bad...
  12. So here we are....Let's try adding little updates... I brought the car back home January 13, 2023. Made the 16hr round trip from South Carolina to Ohio and back home to South Carolina. Hauled the car back with a Uhaul trailer. The 1JZ/R154 swap was completed and car was dyno'd and ready. Encountered 2 snow storms on way home (in KY and TN)...Which was pretty sketchy driving through the mountains with the car on a trailer. Now fast forward to today......... The car is safe in the garage. I got the exterior/interior put all back together.
  13. I just sent him a private message on Facebook. I'll send him the link to this thread.
  14. Vacuum advance Bad secondary injector MAF Boost leak Bad fuel pump Clogged fuel filters etc
  15. Great for us who own these cars. But that buyer must not have cared. They could have found just as nice an example for around $20k-$25k....But of course, they paid the premium to buy it from a premium auction...
  16. There’s no limit to what I’ll pay for convenience and promptness 😁
  17. Welcome. And I know what you mean when you say the car feels sticky. www.enginemachineservice.com for all you parts. That website is tan by Randy (DAD here on the forum)
  18. Thank y’all. I had zero issues paying a shop to do the swap. Other than the labor charge, I had no concerns. It is much more expensive than building it yourself though. Yikes But for the $$$, it’s done wayyyy faster than I would do all the work, and I also don’t have to google/search/forum/ask for help for hours and hours on end about every little thing… I hate that the most about working on cars. The constant googling and searching…. Now I simply go pick it up and enjoy it. Way sooner and without a care in the world, and way poorer…
  19. I literally just created a YouTube channel to host that video. @LudeQuest I’ll make some content around my Prelude and the Conquest also…
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