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  1. Yeah, I read that as well. That would explain why they feel as if I'm riding on an unsuspended suspension. There are adjustments...I will see what comes from them and report back. Thanks
  2. OK, was just texting with Adam. They were made by Legion Elite Coilovers...a guy named Isaiah Clay is the owner. I saw that they did not get good reviews on this forum; I've seen mixed reviews elsewhere....I guess I can now see why. :-(
  3. Thank you for the warm welcome and advice. I talked to Adam, who had them built, and he stated they were made by one of the best brands and cost around $2K; he said he did not care for the ride either...I'll find out the brand/ details and post. While they do their job and the car handles like it's on rails, the regular everyday ride sucks...think being in a 1980 suspensionless go-cart. The front lower lip on the bumper will be destroyed in short order as well seeing as it is 3 inches off the ground. I will have to get in touch with the manufacturer and see what they have for adjustments and maybe look at changing out the springs, if that's an option (all good advice if replacements are not possible). I would really prefer to go to a standard strut as I am not racing the car, driving around like a chad with my rims cambered out, throwing it around corners at speed nor am I track driving it...I simply have no need for this system. I plan on preserving the car, not destroying it...which is what eventually happens to most cars that are tuned to death and driven like they were (at least that's what I see on a daily basis in my car shop). Thanks again!
  4. Hello All, newbie to this forum as I just bought an 89 TSI SHP that was built by Adam, a member here for a while. I previously owned a 1983 Starion in 1986 but it was totaled when a lady turned in front of me...I always missed that car so I jumped at the chance when I saw one up for sale. One thing I know I want to immediately replace is these horrible riding coil overs...it's like I'm in a go-cart with no suspension. Do I want it to handle well? Yes! At the expense of my kidneys and shaking the interior to death? No. I do not know how rare the SHP struts are but I would like to go back to the original or at least something close. Any help finding these would be appreciated. I posted in the parts wanted section and read through the lists of parts people are selling but did not see any. Anyway, it's good to see a forum for these cars. I am into the JDM cars as I lived in Japan for 15 years and my wife is Japanese as well. I also own a car repair facility, we do it all from rebuilds, diag, paint body, glass, engines, transmissions, tires alignments...all of it. Elite Automotive Repair in Mountain Home Arkansas Thanks!
  5. Am looking for a full set of SHP struts. I will have a high dollar custom coil over set to sell or trade once I get the SHP struts installed. Hate the horrible coil over ride.
  6. Hello all, new to forum and first post. I bought a 1989 Conquest TSI SHP but previous owner installed a high dollar (appx $2000) custom coil over suspension that I don't want. I wish to return it to the stock SHP struts. If anyone has a set (front and rear) in storage somewhere that they would be willing to sell, please let me know. My car does have the SHP rims that were sent off and refinished. Thank you!
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