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Affordable Coil-overs GP - Ends October 31th


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for the springs i highly suggest 450F/350R lbs. but i may be able to order different ones.


the other thing needed usually is to trim the lower spring perches off the stock housings to let the lower jam nut on the coilover kit to unscrew all the way down or else the car won't be more than 1" lower with them on.


and the other thing is that, they are not as quiet as the factory setup. they slight cluncking noise usually occures when driving at slow speeds over tiny quick bumps like cracks in residential roads.



hey, I would be down for 250 bucks for a set. questions:


1. can you use those MR2 shock bodies and achieve a lower height?


2. could you get one of those little rubber sleeves found on some stock and aftermarket springs? this would be to eliminate the noise.


3. how long and how many potential buyers (edit: duh, 10) before this is available?  cause i'll be in the market for a while. i want to lower the car and make it handle better.

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once i order them they take about a couple of weeks to get here.

as for how low you can go, the rears are the main problem. using camber plates helps quite a bit. the MR2 housings will help only slightly.


I need 9 orders minimum.

how many people do we have so far?

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Which struts will I need with these.  I have the adjustables, but they need replacements.  Can I use the KYBs or Tokkicios with these?


Thanks for the advice.





Bud if you have OEM Adj's you will be able to use thse no problem BUT you will get better adjustment IF you CUT the lower OEM Spring Seat on the OEM Strut. I dont know if you want to cut those GOOD OEM Adj's IF they are still good !



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I can attest the the quality of the coilovers from art, I bought one of the last sets he had.  I get a little clunking moving at really low speeds over uneven ground, really stiff ride (bounces over stuff instead of floating, but I like that), and then there's the adjustable ride height.


Awsome product, Well worth the 285 I paid.  And you guys are getting the hookup at 250 shipped


They will also work on [glow=red,2,300]ANY[/glow] of the struts for our cars.



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oh well, since my GC setup from last group buy got stolen :( i'm in for a new set,

what's the stock springs ratings as compared to these we getting? my GC set was waiting for me to install'em on my quest at the dealership i work at and after being

on vacation for 2 weeks i come back=they are gone :(, fukkersss, Rob NJ.

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