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3D Printed Windshield Trim Clips ...

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I don't want to say I'm ready to start selling these, but I'm really close...

Recently I was over a BKB94's house and we were talking about top windshield trim project I posted about.  That got us talking about the left and right side windshield trim pieces.  I was telling him I was 99% sure the side clips weren't available anymore.  He happened to have a spare he sent me home with one.  So, I've spent the last week or so modeling this thing when I've had a few spare moments at work.  All I need to do test out the fitment on an actual car, but I think these are gonna work.


Factory Clip on Left.



Anyone know off-hand how many total are on a side?


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I have 2 spare windshields and a bag of the clips ... somewhere. We may be in touch when you start selling these. Love that we can now make obsolete parts!

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