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Technica Package

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I remember when these were selling new, there was an optional digital gauge package called Technica or something. Digital gauges were relatively new so it certainly seemed pretty cool to me at the time.

Now, browsing around auctions and pics on the internet, I have yet to see a car equipped with this package. Did it have a very low take rate or did those dash clusters just not last and they've all been replaced with the standard gauges? 

I'm not really hoping to find a car equipped with the package, just curious why I haven't run across one.

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Very few widebodies came with that package, 86 and a few 87 only and in very limited numbers. And many people actually had issues with the digital clusters, so as cool as they were, they were not very dependable with no real ability to service them as the years went on. I do agree with the cool factor though.



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I don't know, Technica's with digital dashes were pretty common to see years back but they were flatbodies that succumbed to junkyards and weren't collected.   For some reason, most of the Technicas I ran into were burgundy.    I've never personally seen a widebody with a digital dash (well at least one that came with it from the factory) but, as Steve said, I know that it was an option in 86/87.  

I do wish I would have pulled at least one of the digital dash clusters from a junkyard car years back just to have for nostalgia sake.  

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