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Distributor vacuum advance

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On 3/16/2023 at 5:36 AM, performanceimport said:

I have been looking for a new vacuum advance for my distributor. Does anyone where I can purchase one? They seem to be out of stock. 

Did you ever find one? 

By the way you aren't far from me. Hello neighbor!

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I believe I had the same trouble finding the "Standard VC269", so I ended up getting the following part from O'Reilly's:
"Import Direct Ignition Distributor Vacuum Advance Control - 33-0156"
I haven't dyno-tested my car so I'm not sure if I'm losing power over the VC269, but it sure beats the non-functional vacuum advance I had previously.

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I ordered the Amazon one. It says delivery mid-april. It may not even be in stock and the OReilly one is out of stock. I found a company that will rebuild out vacuum advances. 

https://www.my-classic-car-trader.com/product-page/distributor-vacuum-advance-rebuilding. I'll give them a call on Monday to see the details. Thanks for the help guys

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