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  1. Called them and it's a no-go. Does anyone have a source for a vac advance? I'm on the hunt too.
  2. Well, the guy was unable to rebuild it. He only does rebuilds up to late 1970s. The hunt continues.....
  3. I'm giving these people a call on Monday. They are worth a shot since we can't buy this part anymore. Good luck with the car. https://www.my-classic-car-trader.com/product-page/distributor-vacuum-advance-rebuilding
  4. I ordered the Amazon one. It says delivery mid-april. It may not even be in stock and the OReilly one is out of stock. I found a company that will rebuild out vacuum advances. https://www.my-classic-car-trader.com/product-page/distributor-vacuum-advance-rebuilding. I'll give them a call on Monday to see the details. Thanks for the help guys
  5. I have been looking for a new vacuum advance for my distributor. Does anyone where I can purchase one? They seem to be out of stock.
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