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Mr_Pats 1989 Fiji

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So I have been off the forums and pretty silent in the FB groups for nearly 20 years now..   My poor girl has been moved from one garage to another as I have moved since yanking and selling the G54 out of frustration back 2005 ish i think.. Well as it turns out I have a new co worker who as it turned out was also a SQ owner.. and a few conversations ignited the spark i needed to do something I guess.. so now I have a stock G54 to put in her for this summer so maybe I'll get a chance to drive her a bit ..  The current debate is do  I sell her once shes running or do I move forward and go ahead with a 1 JZ swap.  I have told myself that I will get her running on the stock heart and take her for a drive and see what she says to me and we will go from there..


1989 Fiji Original SHP Car, according to paperwork I foun in the car it was a demo car and looked like a woman bought it and owned it till she blew the motor..  i purchased it with a blown motor from a small hole of a dealership that bought it at auction.

The good SHP car and still has her 8's and 9's..  Also still has the 8 way adjustable shocks on her <yeah they are probably done now>, I added Ground control coil over s to her back around 2003 - 2005 somewhere in there.  Also have an 83 hood in primer at the moment. Nice "Trust" strut bar with red powdercoated ends purchased from Howard D. 


The most recent pics of her are from 2014/2015 when I moved up to the town I currently live in.   Any informational resources anyone  wouldnt mind tossing at me for 1JZ swaps would be GREATLY apreciated 




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Looks like a nice car.  My bet would be once you go all through the all the work of getting the original motor in there you found and ironing out all the kinks you'll probably want to leave it alone for a bit.

Preludedude on here just did a 1JZ swap, you can check out how his came out.

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I honestly despise the 2.6 LMAO..  And yeah I looked over his thread..  years back I had wanted the 6G72 motor on a manual trans in my car but gave that up due to trans tunnel width ..   Once i bring her back to running condition she will stay with the stock motor until i  find the pieces i need to do the swap or I decide im selling it ..  I think the 1 JZ may put the car where I want it to be power wise and hopefully reliablity as well . 


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Kev I debated that years ago but this motor isnt worth that kind of investment to me ..  personally I think the car should come with the 6g72 anyway.   LOL Preludedude.  If I had the funds to just skip to that this moment I would.. but I want a chance to drive her this summer .  And gives me a chance to research into the 1 JZ as I know nada about that motor. I've rebuilt Ford and Chevy v 8's  Helped out on several honda motors and did my own work on my own $500 Honda beater I drove for 3 years and sold for 500 after hitting a deer with it .  LOL I gotta do the swap myself. 

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