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NDD Motorsports Subframes


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Tux,  what diameter tubing is used for the subframe? And do you know the tubing thickness?

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41 minutes ago, tux said:

Oh yeah, those clamp to the body of the rack and bolt to subframe.

I can't clamp to the subframe though



I'd build a double clamp set up. 

Use two summit clamp kits, with one set of bolts, or weld mounts onto that crossmember. 

I am welding on my mounts to the subframe I am having built, since NDD can't send me one. 

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On 4/7/2024 at 8:44 PM, tux said:

Ya, I'm gonna have to learn to weld and buy some kit to do so 

That is one item I would not learn to weld on... Use a certified welder, that can do multi-position, please? 

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Just out of curiosity i sent an email to them a week ago asking how long the wait times were for the subframes, havent received a response yet. 

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This really can't be that tough to make something that is less ugly, stronger and lighter. My only thought is that NDD is priced too cheap and he can't make them for what he sells them for.

I also wonder what engineering he's done. That lower control arm mount sees a lot of force.

Doing FEA now on it. 

I have a StarQuest cross member and an S13 cross member here. I am working with a local shop that does only tube work and has done Nissan high performance cars.  He is going to make both Silvia and Star quest tube cross members. 

My plan is: 

Nissan 240 SX ( S14) knuckles (God Speed SK-001-BLACK), hubs and lower control arms (God  Speed AK-084 ).


* 2005 Cadillac CTSV front brakes - calipers and rotors

*S13 HICAS rack and ends - 2.5 turns lock, to lock. 

*2013 Cadillac ATS steering shaft and u-joint

* custom tubular cross member that moves the lower control arm mount points to match the S14 rack.

(can mod a factory one, don't have to do a rack, either)

*TEIN Super Nissan Silvia S14 Coilover Front Kit

*Conquest upper camber plate, that takes an S13/S14 coil over. 

I have it all here. 


Of course, I am also going L33, with a turbo for 8 psi and T56....


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